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PROPHETIC WORD July 25, 2021

The Lord would say to you today. I am so proud of you. My beloved, precious, children, I would say to you this day, to keep standing. It has been hard. Keep standing and just know that I stand right here beside you and with you and in you, says the Lord your God. The enemy would make you think that you have failed. The enemy’s lies would paint a picture that he has won. That he has been able to stop My plan and My purpose, says the Lord, but know this. Mark it down this day, for in a little while, a very, very little while, you will see My plan completely unfold in front of you. Do not look downcast. Do not look in your past. For I will take that which the enemy has meant to destroy if you will turn your heart to the future. I will plant all of the things that the enemy has torn apart into good soil of your future and My plan. And you will see it all come together. My precious church, you have stood in the day of adversity. You have stood in the face of such hardship and difficulty. Stay standing. Stay standing. You do not have to battle. Just stand and be brave and be courageous. And know, that the future still holds every word that I have spoken in it, and it shall come to pass. It shall unfold and you will see that all of this hardship will be a distant memory. And it will be a testimony to Me, says the Lord. For My wind is beginning to blow. My word is beginning to sprout up. My purpose is unfolding and unveiling. And this will be a mighty place for My name’s sake, and I will do it. I will do it and no man can get the credit. I will do it and you will see, My glory like never before and it will outshine all of the hardship, all of the pain, all of the suffering. And the Lord says remember what I say, for you will have double what has been taken away. Remember My heart for you, and you will go forward and not backwards, and you will be strong and renewed. Refreshed and stronger than ever. For in this new time, in this new day, you’ve not been this way, so I will be heading up the charge. I will be heading up the way. Follow Me and I will do the work and you will see. How easy, how wonderful it will be. You are standing. You are standing. Thank you for standing, in My word and for what I say. Keep standing, and you will see very, very soon. It’s coming and you will not have to worry to make it happen. I will do all the work. I bless you My dear ones. You are so precious to Me. For in this day and this hour, you have proven your love and your faith in Me. So, keep, looking forward, do not look back and you will see everything that I say, everything that I say will open up in a new way. In a new way. I lift up your heart and I lift up your head. Now open your mouth and just thank Me. Be grateful, thankful and rejoice! Celebrate now! Be excited for what is about to take place. For your countenance needs to shine with My grace. The ease of My mercy, and I will prove Myself faithful again and again and yet now, once more, again. Let these words ring in your heart. Let these words pass through your mind. Let the meditation of what I’m saying settle down inside of you and bring ease, peace, and bring expectancy in what I am about to show you. I do not forget. I do not, I will not ever let you down, says the Lord.

I hear the Lord saying, you call Me faithful. I, the Lord, call you faithful. I know your heart; says the Lord and I see Myself in you. And I am proud of what I see. You’re faithful and you shine with the glory of who I am in you. My precious ones. Thank You Lord. Praise the Lord.


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