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I hear the Lord say, sea to sea, shore to shore. The Lord says, My true worshipers that worship Me in spirit and in truth are arising. In this great country, the true worshipers are arising. Giving glory, giving glory. Giving dominion and authority in this earth to Me say the Lord. Arise. Arise from the very young to the very old. Arise. Lift Me up, My name. Who I am in this earth. Lift Me up and I will cause you to sit with Me in heavenly places. In heavenly places for you to see and behold, My glory fills the earth. No more lip service. No more duty and obligation. I say to My people, be free. Be free. To give Me glory with your mouth and with your whole heart and with everything you are. Worship Me. And you will rise higher in Me. You will go higher in Me. And you will see glorious, marvelous, wonderful things. For I will show them to you. Come up here. Come up here. There is a call going out for My true worshipers says the Lord. There is a call going out for your mouth and your heart to belong only to Me. Only to Me. Everything else, everyone else is on a peripheral.

Yes. Yes. I see every person. I see a whirlwind around each person. I’m looking and it’s even Joe and Benny. I see even you being surrounded like a, like a whirlwind. Round and round and round and round. Engulfed in the glory of God. Engulfed, surrounded as you were, as you learn to worship. The glory of God surrounds you and surround you and surrounds you. The scripture comes to me about angels encamping round about those who worship God. There is a surrounding. It is going to surround you. The glory of God is going to surround you. Yes Lord, yes. As you worship. You know we worship. The glory of God, it is going to build and there’s a momentum. We are headed somewhere folks. We’re headed up and up and up and up. The glory of God and it encircles and just like Ezekiel. Just like the the prophet was caught up in a wind, a whirlwind. That’s the glory of God. That’s the glory of God. As we worship. As we worship, things fall off. Fear. Just junk. The cares of this world. As we worship, they just fall off. And we get lighter and lighter and lighter. Yes, I hear the Lord saying, lighter and lighter and lighter. And we rise, we rise. And the Spirit of God wants you to know that that is who you are called to be. A worshiper, a worshiper that comes fully ablaze.

You know the Lord was telling me this week. He’s reminding me. The people that don’t understand real worship. Just like Judas. He didn’t say Lord, Lord. But there was a woman that came and took the most expensive thing she had. Everything she had. It was like a year’s worth of wages. And she poured it on His feet. That’s worship. That’s worship. Fully abandoned. Lord, you have all of me. All of me. All of me. And the aroma filled the room. Filled the room. When God’s people, and not all of them are going to understand it. Some people are going to get offended with it. Be on guard and know. There are people that are not sitting in these chairs that got offended with the presence of God. Got offended at us worshiping. Got offended because it was too costly. Not everyone knows the pathway. Not everyone says, OK God I’ll go. I’ll go. And I’ll just sit at your feet, and I will worship you in total abandonment.

I command deliverance over every person within the sound of my voice. Be delivered and healed and made whole at the presence and the glory of God. The glory of God releases. Now you can hold onto it if you want to. You can hold onto it and reason it out or you can say God, I let go and I just worship you. And everything He is starts surrounding you and then it lifts you up. Seated in heavenly places. And then you take your place with Him. And that’s where you live. In Him we live and move and have our being. In Him we are safe and secure. In Him we are protected. In Him, we are never ever rejected. We are never pushed away. He says come, come. Draw closer. That song we sang, “Oceans,” talks about going outward where you just can’t understand it. You just keep going. Going out past in the deep in the water where you cannot touch your feet. But He surrounds you and He lifts you up. Not only does He lift you up, but He holds you. In the wind and the rain and the storms, He holds you up. In that place you are safe, and you can talk to Him, and you can hear Him, and you can rest in Him. Not strive, trying to get something from Him. We’re not trying to get something from Him. We are, we are learning to rest in Him. To rest in what He says, who He is and who He says we are. We can rest. Like getting up on His lap and laying your head on His shoulder. That’s what happens when you go beyond the reasoning. Beyond all of the entrapments of this living life. And all of the insecurities. Of maybe how you were raised. Or what your parents did and didn’t do. Or what that person did or didn’t do. That person’s opinion of you. Or what you did or didn’t do. All that falls away. You are embraced and you are encircled by the glory of God. And you can rest. You can rest. Does that mean you are going to do everything right? No, but it means that you are forgiven, and you are safe. You are surrounded by who He is. Ist John says, John knew Him best, “God is love.” And no matter how close you get to Him. How much you sit with Him. The revelation of how He loves will never reach an end. It will overwhelm you. It will encompass you. It will permeate your very being, from the inside out, and from the outside in. Saturated in love like you’ve never know. It’s not of this earth. It’s not of here. And all of the unloving things. All of the religious thinking. All of the obligation and duty and trying to get God, to please Him. All that falls away because you belong to Him. And you put Him in that place of where He belongs to you. And you worship. You worship. I hear the Holy Spirit say, Come on in, the water’s just fine. Like a warm bath. It will sooth every hurt. It will calm every fear. His presence, His glory fills the earth like the water covers the earth. So shall His glory be. His glory. His presence. His presence. And you will want for nothing, says the Lord. You will want for nothing. You will crave nothing. You will be without nothing. Satisfied, contented and at rest. And I hear the Holy Spirit saying, Finally, you understand. Finally, you get a glimpse. Finally, you get to know Me, says the Lord.


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