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Pastor Jody opens her journal of many years of walking with the Lord. She shares a handful of experiences in everyday life that teaches, challenges and encourages every person to draw closer to the Lord. 


From learning to fly through the Colorado mountains, to being taken up to heaven in an instant for an amazing encounter, the Lord has guided, comforted and taught her through each challenge and everyday experiences. She shares what she has learned and taught others how to experience Him in everyday life. 


The Lord also opens up the supernatural realm as she encounters angels and heaven. He speaks to her in dreams and visions and has given her the anointing of interpretation by the Holy Spirit. She operates in the gift of faith in signs and wonders. 


This devotional will grow your faith as you walk through each teaching and then read stories of how God moves in daily application of what He has taught her in supernatural ways for everyday things. 


Pastor Jody is an ordained Prophet and Apostle. She teaches people how to hear God’s voice and activate their faith here in America and in churches in other countries. After hearing her encounters and teachings, people have come to accept Jesus Christ as Savior and been healed physically, and emotionally. They have received confidence and boldness in their faith walk to see God do miracles in their own life on a daily basis. 


Through her Daily Life Devotionals and Legacy Bible School along with Pastoring Grace Life Church International in the Mountains of North Georgia, she encourages and mentors people in walking close to the Lord, overcome fears and live more confident in trusting the One who loves them most.


 “The Christian life was never meant to be a boring set of do’s and don’ts. It is a journey of the love of Our Heavenly Father and His power making each day an exciting adventure!”


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Daily Life 90-day Devotional

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