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The Lord would say to you today. Do you not know, and do you not understand that this is not about you? This, all of this, the virus, all of the turmoil, all the rebellion, is because they hate Me says the Lord. There is a hatred, and it is aimed for who I am. For who I am in you. And who I am in this earth. For you are Mine and you shine as Me. If you could only see who you are and how dreadfully afraid the enemy is of you. But rest assured and know that the power and the authority that I have already given you, is already in you. I will defend, I will cover, and I will raise up My people, My church and My light and My glory. It abides in all of My people. I have called you and I know what I have put in you. But take heart. Take joy. For victory is also in you. It’s already there. Victory is already in you, and I will shine it out of you. Your biggest enemy is fear. And that giant will fall as you see how much you are loved and how powerful you are when you stand in My name and stay at rest and trust. And know that all is well. All is well. All is well. All is well. You are about to see. Focus your eyes on Me. You are about to see that all is well. So, trust what I say. Hear My words. Hear My heart for you. And see past the raging storm. And see past the enemy’s roar. You are encamped all around with warrior angels that are equipped with My orders. As the prophet said to his servant, “Go out and look. Go out and look again.” For what I have designed in the Spirt is about to become reality in the natural. I am the architect. So, speak what I say. Create. Create with My words. All My power. All My authority I give unto you. So, speak and see. Speak and trust. And the darkness will flee for My Word is light. For My Word is light and will pierce through every darkness. Speak and watch the darkness flee.

I hear the Holy Spirit say, I am very serious about these words. These are serious times. What I say, says the Lord, take heed. For as they come across comforting, soothing, strengthening. My Word is full of power says the Lord. And My Word will stand when all else falls. The Holy Spirit wants to encourage you, but to exhort you. When you hear these words, carry them with you. When you hear the Word of the Lord, carry them with you. Carry them in your heart. Meditate on them. Proclaim them. Revisit them. Revisit the Word of the Lord. Keep it in front of your eyes and as a helmet over your mind for protection and right thinking. And know this, that I give My Word. I give My Word to you. All is well. No matter what you face. No matter what you feel. No matter what you see and no matter what you hear. Power through. Power through. With My Word, My truth. It will stand. And it will come to pass, says the Lord.

That which you are carrying, it is so heavy. Lay it down. Lay it down. Let it fall off of you and yield to My word. Yield to My heart. I do not put oppression on you. I do not put heavy weight on you. Let it go. Let it fall. And walk unwavering with ease. With joy. My peace I give to you. Yield to My peace. And walk in power, confidence, boldness. I am with you says the Lord. I am with you. All is well. All is well.


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Thus, says the Lord your God, do you not know? Do you not know? That when I say stop, everything stops. When I speak, I do not have to yell. When I speak, everything rumbles. Stop looking at the crazy. Stop looking at the raging. The enemy is kicking a fuss. He’s trying to shock. He’s trying to upset. He’s trying his best. But do you not know I am the Father of shock and awe. I am the Father! Of shock and awe. And wonder. And you are about to see. The Lord says watch, watch, watch! You are about to see. The devil’s gotten enough airtime. But he’s got everybody’s attention focused. Keep your eyes on Me and watch and watch and watch and you will see! Because when I say stop, everything stops. When I say go, everything goes. Watch! Watch! Because when I shock, it’s with power and electricity. When I awe, people do not recover from it. There is no recover from awe. The Lord, your God, says watch! Watch and see! Hold onto My word. Hold on! Hold on! Hold on! Hold on! Because the gear is about to change. The gear is about to change. No matter what you think or no matter what you feel or no matter what you hear. Watch! Keep your eyes on Me! Do not believe the lie. Do not believe the lie. For I crown! I crown! It is for Me to crown and anoint. It is for me to set the crown in place. And the crown has not been changed. I say, I say, says the Lord, who is crowned. I say in this hour, in this appointed time, I will do the crowning.

And the Holy Spirit says on another note: I hear the Holy Spirit say on another note. Get ready, get ready. For the world events do affect, maybe decisions, maybe the way you see, but get ready. Change the way you see yourself. You are not the rejected ones. You are not the lost ones. You are not the ones that are under tread of the enemy. You are not. And everything that you’re looking at. All the troubles. Everything that has brought you to this point, rejoice! But because just as the enemy tries to make it look like all is lost. He also tries to make you look weak. He also tries to make you feel defeated on any given day. You are not rejected. You are completely accepted. Be careful what you lay your eyes on for it will distort your concept of Me and it will distort your concept of how I see you.

Be careful what comes out of your mouth. Oh, My children, learn, the way to speak. Learn the way, to pray. Learn the way, to communicate. For My Word is in you and My Word is powerful and My Word is breath and life to you. Don’t look to the world to fill your cup. It will always leave you empty. It will always, yes, leave you an emotional train wreck. And spiritually dry. Come to the waters. Come to the waters. Come to the waters. And drink, continually of Me, says the Lord. Yes Lord. Yes Lord. He says take up My company. Would you take up My company. I am Your companion if you will let Me be. Fellowship with Me. Get to know Me. I will tell you secrets, and I will fill you with power, and I will clear out the dross, and clear out your focus, and you will see anew, and you will see My love for you, and you will be renewed over and over and over and over. I do not call you slaves. I don’t even call you servants. For in My house, you are My friend. Take company with Me. Says the Lord.

And I hear the Holy Spirit say that You have been ashamed of Me, says the Lord. You have been afraid of rejection of those around you. You have been afraid that you would be scoffed at, laughed at. That you would be even pushed aside. The Lord said, Take off that shame! And be who I have called you to be. Speak My words of grace. Shine with My Spirit in temperance and love. Do not be ashamed of Me! Do not be ashamed of what I have done in you and for you. Do not be afraid to be who you are. Calm down. The Holy Spirit says calm down. Calm down. You have nothing to prove. You have nothing to prove. Be My delightful ones. Delight yourself in Me and be My delightful ones. For I delight in you. I delight. Yes. I delight in you. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha! You make Me laugh. You fill My heart with joy says the Lord. You fill My heart. I delight in you. Do not be afraid. My joy, I am right here. I am right here. Everything is going to be okay. Everything is all right. I am right here. Thus, says the lord, thus says the Lord. Hallelujah. Thank You, Lord Jesus.

Oh, let this word blow through you like a fresh breeze. Take a breath. Things are not as bad as they seem. Take a breath. Yes. Hallelujah. Yes. Keep your eyes fixed and let your heart rejoice. Thank You, Lord. Lord, we give You Glory. We worship You. If we have not told You yet, this day, how much we love You, Lord let us tell You now. Jesus, Jesus, we love You. We love You. We love You. We put You first. Your ways and Your words are first on our heart and first and last on our lips. We are worshippers first. Thank You, Lord.


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I heard this word last night. It is stirring in my spirit.

For the prophet has said and there are false prophets that are speaking, but the prophet of God says, the voice of the Lord says this day the vultures are gathering. The vultures are gathering. They think there is prey to consume. They think that the church is going to lay down and let them pick at what is dead, but the church is arising, the eagle is arising thus says God. The Lord of Hosts says, My eagle is rising, My eagle is rising. My church is taking a breath. My church is breathing. My breath is filling her, and she is gathering, and she is rising, the eagle, My eagle. Yes Lord, for My Son that I have chosen is rising and He will speak and there will be healing in His words. There will not be a rage against that will go forth, for it will be like a fire that has gone out and it will all come to nothing. I will arise. My church arises. My eagle will rise. And it is rising, it is rising thus saith God, thus saith God, and the vultures will have nothing to feed on and they will scatter, and they will die for lack of food. The eagle is rising, arising, arising.

I hear the Holy Spirit say, watch, watch, watch. For you will see My hands. You will see My words as if they are written in the sky. As if they are as big as the sky that you look upon, you will see My words written. My sign and My word you will see as big as the sky, watch, watch, watch. Do not be downcast; look up, look up and watch the skies and see what I will do, says the Lord. Breath is in My church and My heartbeat is in My church. My heartbeat is in My church. My anointing oil is upon My church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against My church. Healing in His wings, like beams of light, like beams of light. Oh, let it just wash over you. Healing; healing; healing, healing. Thank you, Lord Jesus. We give you glory. Hallelujah!


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