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PROHETIC WORD December 20, 2020

I heard this word last night. It is stirring in my spirit.

For the prophet has said and there are false prophets that are speaking, but the prophet of God says, the voice of the Lord says this day the vultures are gathering. The vultures are gathering. They think there is prey to consume. They think that the church is going to lay down and let them pick at what is dead, but the church is arising, the eagle is arising thus says God. The Lord of Hosts says, My eagle is rising, My eagle is rising. My church is taking a breath. My church is breathing. My breath is filling her, and she is gathering, and she is rising, the eagle, My eagle. Yes Lord, for My Son that I have chosen is rising and He will speak and there will be healing in His words. There will not be a rage against that will go forth, for it will be like a fire that has gone out and it will all come to nothing. I will arise. My church arises. My eagle will rise. And it is rising, it is rising thus saith God, thus saith God, and the vultures will have nothing to feed on and they will scatter, and they will die for lack of food. The eagle is rising, arising, arising.

I hear the Holy Spirit say, watch, watch, watch. For you will see My hands. You will see My words as if they are written in the sky. As if they are as big as the sky that you look upon, you will see My words written. My sign and My word you will see as big as the sky, watch, watch, watch. Do not be downcast; look up, look up and watch the skies and see what I will do, says the Lord. Breath is in My church and My heartbeat is in My church. My heartbeat is in My church. My anointing oil is upon My church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against My church. Healing in His wings, like beams of light, like beams of light. Oh, let it just wash over you. Healing; healing; healing, healing. Thank you, Lord Jesus. We give you glory. Hallelujah!


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