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Fullness of Joy. If you press into My presence, you will know My Glory. I reveal Myself to you in that place where I dwell. I inhabit, says the Lord. The place of My glory. Practice My presence. Create a place for Me and I will dwell. For when you come in, to that place of My presence. All of the world. Everything that does not belong falls off. For nothing can stand in the place of My glory that is not of Me. I fill that place with Myself. So, I invite you in. In that secret place. To sit with Me, experience Me and encounter Me every day. There are coming days when you will need that. For I will strengthen you. I will equip you. And I will speak to you face to face and remind you of who you are. And who I am. As the days grow darker. For a time. Those that know My glory place will shine. And they will dispel the darkness. They will dispel the darkness away everywhere they go and everything they say. So, come in. Settle down. And meet with Me in all My glory. It’s an open invitation. Open access. In an open portal to heaven on earth. Come to Me with singing. Come to Me with a yielded heart. And an inclined ear to hear what I’m saying every day. And I will sustain you. Steady you. I will guide you. Protect you. In that secret place. Healing is there. Wisdom is there. Joy is there. Strength is there. And peace. Peace. My peace I give to you and My peace you will experience. Says the Lord.

I don’t know what this means. I hear the words, waterfall. Like a gushing, gushing waterfall. I hear the Holy Spirit say, I’m about to pour out like a waterfall. And just like the mighty waterfalls of Niagara. The pressure will be immense. And it will flow. It will not be a rippling brook. It will not be a lazy river. It will be a gusher. The Lord says, get ready, get ready, get ready. I’m about to pour out. Like that which you have never seen. Only to be likened to the great falls. Yes. Are you ready, says the Lord? Are you ready? Are you ready? It will spread. It will spread and spread. It will be like, just like wildfire. It will be wild water. I see people running to their neighbors and saying, “Is it happening at your house? Is it happening around you? Because this is what’s happening around here. This is what’s happening here. This is what we’re experiencing. Is it happening there?” And I hear the Lord say the word revival doesn’t even begin to describe what I am about to do. I see people running house to house. House to house. House to house. People getting saved. People running out to the street. People saying, “What is this. What is going on?” And people in the streets and neighborhoods saying, “I don’t know.” People crying, laughing. “It has to be God,” they’re saying. It has to be God. And they’re running through. “Does anyone know who this is?” I hear them saying. “Does anyone know what this is? What do we call this?” And there’s a few that says, “this is the glory of the Lord. This is the power of God. This is the love of God. Let me show you the way.” I see that. I see it. I see it. People in the grocery store isles. Kneeling down by carts and everything stops. The weight of His glory. The weight of His glory. The weight of the glory of God. People are pressed down. They’re pressed down. I know what that is. I’ve felt that. I’ve experienced it. The glory of God. Pressing, pressing, pressing, pressing. Only some don’t know what it is. “What is happening to me?” And the earth shall be filled with His glory. We have never seen it. But we are going to see it. We’re going to be witnesses of it. And we’re going to experience it. Very soon. Oh Hallelujah! Am I the only one in the room that feels this? I feel the weight of the glory of God. The weight. A pressing. There’s a pressing. Hallelujah! Thank You Lord!

We’re coming into a new, a new time. I keep hearing the words experience, encounters. The Holy Spirit also said to me this week. That He’s quickening some things. It’s almost like He’s snapping His finger. Like a snap of His finger. And things that are down in us because He lives in us. It like He’s snapping His finger and saying, drawing it up. Like almost like, I need that. I need that. Stand up, do this. Stand up, do that. Operating by the Spirit. And it’s like He’s saying, hey, hey, hey, pay attention. And He’s quickening some deposits that He’s been pouring in, pouring in, pouring in. And it’s just been there. And all of a sudden, He’s going to quicken it. He’s going to quicken it. And resurrection life and power are going to come up and you’re going to act different than you’ve ever known yourself. Hear the Word of the Lord. You’re going to see yourself praying for people. You’re going to see yourself saying things. You’re going to go; I have to say this. I have to say it. Things are going to quicken. You’re going to have healing in your hands. You’re going to have words in your mouth. You’re going to have the wisdom of God for a situation. And you’re going to say, “I don’t know how I know this, but this is what we need to do.” It’s quickening. It’s quickening by the Spirit of God. That which has been laid dormant for such a time as this. It’s been there. But the Holy Spirit of God. It’s not just going to be stirred up. And God’s going to say do this, do it now. Do this, do it now. Say this, say it now. Speak to that. I’ve walked in that. Sometimes kicking and screaming. But I don’t want to. I don’t want to. Okay. Okay. Okay. In your dealings with people. Even in your prayer time. Scriptures are going to come through your mouth. And you’re going to say this scripture. Yes Lord. This is the Word of the Lord for today. I know it. It’s going to quicken in you. And it’s going to be as simple as that. And that’s going to be the beginning. I’m listening to the Holy Spirit. And that’s going to be the beginning. He’s going to prepare you. He's going to give you what you need. And then He’s going to quicken it at the appointed time. Young and old. Age does not matter. You have a sphere of influence. And if you are yielded to the Holy Spirit, you are going to move and speak. Just yield to Him, yield to Him. And you will get so excited. Look what God did and look what God did through me. I’m so amazed. I can’t imagine. Look what God did through me. Experience and encounter. Those two things are going to start happening continually. It’s not going to be an odd thing. And everyone said Amen.


Sunday, June 04, 2023

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