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I hear the Lord say so clearly. And I heard it through worship. I’m asking the Lord to show me where to start what I was hearing. The first thing I heard was, I’m changing. That’s what the Lord said. I’m changing things way up high. I’m changing things. That you cannot see quite yet. But as I change them, they will begin to manifest into what you do see. For the things that people are looking for and the things that people look toward will no longer satisfy them. It will no longer be what they have always longed for, fed off of. There will be no satisfaction. And the void will become bigger and bigger, greater and greater, until they come to Me. Until they see Me. And even My people will see Me more clearly as the clouds lift. As the darkness lifts. For I am sending great things. Great things that will break up the cloud. The oppression. And it will clear the way. And as the Lord is saying this, I don’t see a black cloud. I see a gray cloud. There’s like a gray cloud. And He’s saying it will seem like this cloud will get heavier and heavier. And it will get darker but right at the moment that it looks like it can’t get any darker. He said it will be split open with light and all My glory. All My glory says the Lord will shine forth. All the enemy’s plans will be broken up and fall to the ground. For it will be a cloud that they have created, but there will be no rain. There will be nothing produced. And they want to make it heavier, and they want to make it darker. So that the wickedness and the evil plots will rain down. But there will be a cloud without rain. For there will be no fruit of it. And all their plans will turn to dust. And My glory will shine like the sun, brighter and brighter. This day is coming and as it approaches, rejoice. Rejoice! For all will be looking to Me. And where people have went to for answers, there will be no answers for them. What they have turned to will no longer satisfy. It will be emptiness. So, I tell you My people to be ready. To be ready. For like in the land of Goshen, you will have light in your house. And you will have My glory on the inside of you. And My Words will be in your mouth, and they will be like sweet honey. And they will be food to eat for people that are hungering and thirsting and needing. Longing for truth and answers. So, fill yourselves with My Words. Let them flow out of you with the love in which they were given to you. Let them flow freely. For they will be a fresh spring in the desert for people everywhere you go. I the Lord have said this. And I the Lord will do this. And I the Lord am your God. And you are My people. The Lord said there’s going to be those packing up to go home. He says that day will come. But they will call it the great and terrible day of the Lord. And it shall not be. It will be the great and magnificent glory of the Lord. So, they can leave their bags packed by the door. But they will find that there is much more here that I want to do and use them to do it. And I would remind you, do not let any fear take hold. For that will be your strongest battle to face. Do not let fear creep in. Do not let fear of any kind steal the Word of the Lord. Stand tall and speak. And you will be the one to deliver other people from their fear. Thank You Lord. Thus says the Lord this day.

And I hear the Holy Spirit saying. There’s going to be a, and I don’t know. I hear the word, colliding. Colliding or collision. There’s going to be a great collision. I see, I see something just crashing together. And there’s like a fall out from it. There’s going to be a huge crashing and there’s going to be fallout. I hear the word colliding. I hear the word fallout and clashing. And then I hear. I hear. After that it will all fall out and then there will be a birthing. They’ll be something new. Gloriously new being birthed.

The Spirit of the Lord will come forth and break the fall. Because of His loving kindness. Because of His loving kindness. And then there’ll be a new structure. There will be a new structure. There’ll be a new order that will come into alignment as the glory of the Lord shines. There’ll be a new alignment and there’ll be a new ordering of things. Hallelujah! Praise the name of the Lord.


Sunday, May 21, 2023

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