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The Lord says to you today. That My Words, My Words are sent to you today. To encourage and to comfort. To caution. And to lay a foundation for you to hold steady in the coming days. There are things that are going to be happening. And they will happen quickly, and they will happen soon. That it will seem like everywhere you turn there will be conflict and there will be disruption. Have no fear. For when it all settles there will be great rejoicing. For you will see My hand in everything. Not only you. Not only My people. But the ones that have turned their back on Me. The ones that have not wanted to come to me will turn around and they will run. They will run to Me because the fear that they have, they have no answer for. But My people shall not fear. My heart is longsuffering says the Lord. And My love endures. And out of love and out of a heart of justice and righteousness you will see things made a right. You will see the things that the enemy has done that will be stopped. It will be revealed, and it will be banished. So, you can rejoice now. You can lift up your head. Because I am on the move. And you will see My strong arm. You will see the way that I have been moving and what I will do to correct everything that the enemy has done. So, dwell in Me and dwell in My Words of safety and peace. Dwell in those words and uphold them in your heart and in your mind and speak them out of your mouth. For they will be a comfort and they will be a joy to you when this season is approaching. For it will not be long. Hold on and hold fast. To what you know is true. I am faithful. My Words are faithful. Filled with faith. And I will uphold you with My mighty right hand, says the Lord.

I hear the Holy Spirit say, Sing unto the Lord. Sing unto the Lord. When you go about your day, sing unto the Lord. Sing unto Him with the triumph. Sing unto Him with praise. Sing unto Him for He is great, and He is mighty. And He does great things. Some of which this world has not seen yet. But that will soon come to be. For the Lord, your God is active, not passive. For the Lord, your God is for you and not against you. So, sing unto the Lord a new song. Sing unto the Lord the praise of your heart. Lift Him up high and mighty. And it will be like a fortress. It will be like a refuge. Your praises will go up as He fills your mouth with who He is. For He does encamp and dwell in the praises of His people.

There are those that I hear in my spirit. That there are questions. And the Lord loves questions. Holy Spirit is a teacher and a counselor. He loves questions. But the enemy has come in and brought questions that have taken root. And they have been hidden, like underneath the ground like a seed. You need to uproot them. Because they’re questions that you’re not bringing before Holy Spirit. You’re bringing against the One that loves you. Why did this happen? Why did that happen? How did that happen? And the Holy Spirit would teach you today that asking like that is very, very difficult for your heart to receive answers. So, change today. Pull up those questions. The way you have asked. In a critical way and in an almost a doubt. It’s an unbelief seed. So, the Lord would say to you today, this is how you ask. Teach me O Lord. Show me o Lord so I can understand Your ways. Teach me O Lord and show me so I can understand. So, I can follow you in a clearer way. Let me gain understanding of You and Your ways. And let me be wise as to the ways of the enemy. So, show me and teach me. And then thank You Lord for showing me. So, heed this correction and lay your questions before the Lord. He is the answer. He has answers. And He will show you and He will teach you. He will guide you with your heart open. So, this is instruction in righteousness, and it will move you forward instead of pulling you down where you are. And the Holy Spirit would have you say keep your heart open. Keep your heart open and do not let the enemy bring any condemnation in any form. Thank You, Lord.


Sunday, May 28, 2023

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