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So much going on in the Spirit. The Lord was speaking to me a lot. And something shifted during worship. And the Lord gave me some instructions about some things I’ve been praying about. He does that with me. He gives me specific instructions in worship. When Tanya said that she saw a bright light, white. And everything was stone and marble. That’s the throne room. Yesterday I was resting in the living room. Pastor Harvey was outside. I had laid down and dozed off. Just barely dozed off. And all of a sudden there was this brilliant, bright light. And there was so much peace. And I was dozed off, kind of asleep. But I was in the place between awake and asleep. And I, I was like, Lord what is this. I walked into angels’ wings. I couldn’t see. Like a cloud. I know what that is. And He said this is My glory. And later when I went back after I woke up and was praying about it. The Lord spoke to me, and He said, “My glory is what’s carrying you.” He said, “you can sleep. You can rest. I’m carrying you. I’ve got you.”

We’ve had such busy, busy couple weeks and I felt like when I woke up this should be morning. I said Lord, I’ve got things to do. And He said No. I want you to do nothing but rest. So that’s what I did. And when I say rest. I read. I pray. Read. Just relax. But the rest, in that rest. In that restful place is where we find how strong the presence of the Lord, the glory of the Lord is. And that was so amazing. Then during worship today, the Lord spoke to me, and He said reach out and grab a hold because you’re going to get everything back. Now I know what we have been through. Many do not. What He meant was. Showed me. He said you reach out. That’s your faith. You extend your faith. And say, yes Lord, and you reach out and you grab ahold of what He said. And the Lord tells me almost every day. You can ask my husband. Almost every day the Lord tells me you will stand. You will stand. Through it all, you will stand. But the Lord says that He is going to redeem back all that the locust has eaten. All the years and everything that those years contained that the enemy has stolen. We reach out and say, give it back. I mean what has the devil taken away that God is going to restore. What has the enemy fought to take away and make you feel less than. What has the enemy taken away to make you think that you don’t deserve what God said. What has the enemy taken away to make you doubt the word of God and what He said. Make a determination today. Listen to the Word of God. Grab ahold. If you’ll grab ahold. If you’ll just say, no, that’s what the enemy’s plan was but it’s not going to work because God said, and I believe and I stand. And I know what He said, and I choose what He said. Grab ahold. And then say, I’m getting everything back. I’m getting everything back. Get it all back.

When the enemy came and stole the families and everything from David and his army. They had went out and fought the battle and came home victorious. But the enemy had stolen the women and the children, and everything. They had come in while the men were gone. And his armies came to him and railed against him. And he went before the Lord. They were ready to stone him. They were ready to quit. They were ready to turn. But he went and got the ephod. And he went before the Lord. And he said, Lord what do I do. And the Lord said, “Go, and get back everything. Recover all. Recover all that the enemy has stolen.” And David stood up and went and encouraged his troop. And said we are going to go. And the Lord fought that battle, and they were able to get back their wives, their children, their possessions and even more. They plundered the enemy and came back victorious with more than what they. More than what was stolen. Oh, there’s an old song. We used to sing it. I went to the enemy’s camp, and I took back what the devil has stole from me. I love that song. And then it goes into, look what the Lord has done. The Lord is good, and He has. He has recovering, restoration in His heart. On His mind. Go and get and recover all. Go and get everything that the enemy has stolen. That’s His will. That is His will. That’s what He has for you. Recovery and restoration. And we will stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. Redemption. The word Savior. I love that word. The word Savior, in the Greek, one of the meanings is revivor. He’s the revivor. He revives us. He breathes on it. When we stand in His Word and what He says, He breathes life onto His Word and that word comes to pass. He’s the Savior and He’s the one that revives us. Brings back and recovers us. He rescues us and then He restores us. Hallelujah. Oh, praise the name of the Lord. The throne room. The throne room. The throne room is marble and white. Steps of gold. Hallelujah. Thank You Lord. Lord, we give You glory.


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I don’t know if this means anything. But as I could hear Pastor Jody praying in the spirit during worship. All of a sudden out of the, my peripheral, out of the right side, it got brighter and brighter and brighter and it was white. This bright, white light. Like a spotlight or something. I don’t know how to explain it. But in that setting was white marble stone. Going all the way up the wall and coming back down on the floor. And it just stayed there in this setting. I don’t know how to describe it. I kept trying to ask the Lord what does this mean. I have no idea what it means. I’m just going to share what I see. And still to this moment even with my eyes closed. It is as if it is so bright. That whatever is reflecting off of it. Whatever its source is. That it is solid. And it is this bright stone, marble white. I can’t help but to compare it to the castle in Narnia. Where they kept their crowns. And it’s just brilliant white. And it was just from the top all the way down. Coming all the way out. And you know, that’s the place where we dwell. The scriptures says that we are co-heirs with Christ. Seated in heavenly places. And to put ourselves anywhere else is to be less than where we are called to be. And that we don’t just go there in worship. We live there. We live there. We have a seat carved out for us in heavenly places. And I think our spirit reminds us of where we live and where we belong when we go to that place in worship. And there are times when we get going through our natural day taking care of the things that are in front of us and just being faithful to do what the Lord is asking us to do. And we want to remember. Create that in your mind, that you live in heavenly places. Our body may be on this planet, but our spirit is forever planted in heavenly places. We’re redeemed back to that space. And that’s what we bring. That is what we bring to this earth. It’s not us trying to get back to heaven. There is no escape clause. He’s coming to get us. But you know what He said. He said I’m going to give you direct access at all times. From the words of your mouth, where any two are touching one thing, there He is in the midst. Our feet are planted on earth, but our spirit is constantly communicating with the throne room of heaven. And we release that wherever we go in the atmosphere. We release that in our body. We release that in our family. We release that in our home. We release that in our workplace. We release that through the words of our mouth. The scripture says that we overcome by the word of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony. Our victory is in our mouth. Victory and faith is in our mouth. And we release that. And so, I just wanted to release that. I know probably you’re going somewhere. I didn’t want to hijack that. But I just felt maybe it would confirm maybe where you’re going. But it’s just a beautiful reminder of where we live. We don’t visit heaven. Our conscious may visit heaven. We may get glimpses. But our spirit is forever connected and seated in heavenly places. The throne room is where we live. Amen.


During worship I heard the Lord saying, do you hear the sound. And then I forgot that our second song was “We Speak to Nations.” And it starts out with that line. The Lord was confirming what He was saying to me. That, do you hear the sound? Do you hear the sound of an abundance of rain? And I saw the, like small cloud, that the prophet told his servant. Go out and check. Go out and see. Go out and see. They were looking for rain. Are you looking for rain? Pastor Cherie was so prophetic this morning when she said that we can’t get discouraged when it’s time to plant. The one thing you do when you plant, is you pray the rain. You pray for the rain.

The Lord reminded me what He told me last night. I was very sleepy, and I was trying to write what He was telling me. And He said to me, “I will do what I said I will do.” And I was like, oh, ok. And it was like He said write this down. So, I wrote it down and then He said. Do not look to that distraction or this problem or that person. Only look to Me. And He said, set your affections on Me. And set your focus on Me. And He said I will raise you up. He told me that a long time ago. When I could barely sit up. When I could barely sit up long enough to eat. When I first came home from the hospital, and I couldn’t sit up in a chair hardly at all. I could only sit up in the bed. I’ve gained some of my weight back that I had lost, 25 pounds and I didn’t have the extra 25 pounds to lose. And during the night He came over to me and took a hold of my hand like Pastor Harvey does when he’s going to lift me up. At that time, he had to actually lift me up and hold me up. I couldn’t stand. And during the night the Lord came to me, and He took a hold of my hand. And I could feel His arm strong. And He said, I’m going to raise you up. So last night the Lord said, “I will do what I said I will do.” He said, “I will raise you up.” And I’m coming up from where I was folks. My husband knows, my family knows, from where I was. And then He said. Holy Spirit is helping me to remember. I can see it on the page and I’m seeing the paragraphs. Holy Spirit’s giving it back to me. He said, it is not as it seems right now. And He said nothing is as it seems right now. Hold on. Hold on and wait. And then I heard the Lord say, “Everything is subject to change.”

I remember Easter morning the Lord gave me the word, like hold on for the shaking. Hold on! And I’m here to tell you that. The Lord’s reminding me. You know the Lord wants to resound. Yes, thank You Lord. We were talking about this. We’re putting the prophecies up on the web site. We’re in the process of doing that now. But the Lord will remind me, remember I said, remember I said, remember I said. Why does He do that? Because He wants us to hold on to His Word. Do you hear the sound? Do you hear the sound? Do you hear the sound? Do you hear the sound of an abundance of rain? The crops are not going to fail. I hear the Holy Spirit. You have sown. You have planted. The rains are coming. And it will spring forth a mighty harvest. A mighty harvest. There’s a mighty harvest coming. Our part is to remember. Like Paul said to Timothy, think like a farmer. Farmers do not plant and then forget. They do not plant and then go off and leave their land like nothing is in the ground. They look for rain. They look for rain. They speak rain. They pray for rain. And they see it coming. Because they plant in the season when the rains come. And it is time for the rains to come. The rain makes the soil nice and soft. And that seed breaks and it dies and it brings forth. And you know that’s a hard season. Because if you looked in the ground, you would see a seed that has had to die in order to come forth. And sometimes it looks like things are dead or dormant under the ground. Oh, but there’s been a planting. And the rains are coming. The rains are coming. Do you hear the sound? Do you hear the sound? Do you hear the sound? Do you hear the sound? Do you hear the sound?

Also, during worship, the Lord reminded me that a few weeks ago the Lord said. The Lord said, three weeks, three weeks, and three weeks. This weekend marks that third set of the third three weeks. And during worship the Lord said this is the week. This is the week. When He speaks in weeks. Can I give you a prophetic lesson? When He speaks in weeks, He’s not speaking in days. You say, well, this is the day of the third. No this is the week. This is the week. This is the week. And I was reminded. And I and the Holy Spirit has just been rolling around in me all of the prophecy words. And I did this, do you remember? Two and two. Two things are going to flip. And I think I even think I used those words. I think I even used those words. Did I use those words, Donna? Two and two. Two flip. Turn, turn. Yes. Do you hear the sound? This is the week. Turn, turn, turn. I can hear the Holy Spirit saying, it’s not talking, that word it’s not talking about a day. It’s talking about a week. This is a turning week. Most prophets. Most prophets know times and seasons. They know times and seasons. And more often than not, the Lord of Hosts speaks in times and seasons because the Lord of Hosts is the Lord of the harvest. That’s the Lord Jesus. And then Holy Spirit is the teacher, and He comes along and says Ok, this is what the Lord of Host said. Do you remember what He said? Because Jesus introducing the Holy Spirit said He will bring things to remembrance of what Jesus said. So, when the Lord of Hosts speaks then Holy Spirit goes, do you remember? Do you remember? Do you remember? Do you remember? Thank You Holy Spirit. And that’s what He’s doing today. Do you remember what He said? Do you remember what He said? Do you remember what He said?

Yes, yes Lord. Many years ago. Many years ago, the Lord spoke to me. Many years ago. Yes. Yes. This is way before we had our church. I was teaching Bible study. The Lord spoke to me. I was teaching Bible study and doing conferences. And we left and we came back, and we started our church. I was going through my journal. The Lord spoke to me during that time. He said, now watch, He said that every sound that’s ever been spoken is still in the earth. Every word that has ever been spoken is still in the earth. Now, that is a good thing, and it can be a bad thing if you don’t know the Lord of the harvest. And I did a whole teaching series on the resounding word of the Lord. Do you remember Jesus came because of the prophecies? Those prophecies resounded and resounded and resounded and created and resounded. So, we sound, and we sound what the Lord says. We declare and we decree. And we keep declaring and we keep decreeing. Why? Because it resounds and when He said something on earth, those words are still here. They’re still here. So, when He says, do you hear the sound. Do you hear the sound? It’s also the abundance. What is rain? What is water? Watering the earth. It’s the washing of the water? It’s the Word of God. So, what do we do? We keep speaking. We keep speaking. We keep resounding, what did God say. If they had done that in the garden, we’d all be still living in the garden. If they resounded what God said, we would all be still living in the garden called earth. Starting with the garden of Eden and expanding out. What did God say? That’s what we resound. See, to many people pick up on the sound, the frequency of what the enemy wants to say. And they resound that. And that creates. But when you say what God says, I am the healed of the Lord and I say so. I will walk in Divine health. I will walk in healing and Divine health. I am anointed. I am called of God to change what the enemy has sent for my harm, to turn it around for good. Resounding what He says. Do you hear the sound? You have to hear the right sound. You have to hear the right sound. You have to hear the sound of an abundance of rain. And you keep looking for it. And you stay in hope. That means you keep looking for the picture He told you to look for and keep speaking it. Because that is creating what God said. So, we resound what the prophet says. What God speaks through a vessel. We keep speaking. And then we say, Amen, so be it. Like Mary. Be it unto me according to thy Word. Be it unto to me according to what You say. Do you hear the sound? Do you hear the sound? Hallelujah. Thank You Lord.

And you know, the Lord loves it, when you come back to Him and say, Lord You said. And He says I sure did. You said! Do you know He has a big book? It’s called the Book of Remembrance. And every time we speak something of His name or what He said, He writes it down. There’s a Scribe Angel that writes that down. Oh, they’re praising God. Listen to what’s coming out of them. I want my book to be so filled with the Words of God. With His name. With the worship. With His praise. With what He’s said in His Word. And every time we go out into this world and speak of Him, it’s written down. And do you know that you get a reward for every time you do that? You are laying up treasure and you are resounding. You’re resounding. You’re agreeing with heaven. And you’re agreeing with the Word of God. You’re resounding. Resounding what God says. And when we do that, we’re also using the shield of faith. Because faith come by what? Hearing of the Word of God. So, when we see it. When we see it in our heart and say it. And we see it in the Word, and we say it. And we keep saying what God says, not only are we creating, but we are also pushing back the enemy. Because it’s the sword of the Spirit. Hallelujah. Pushing back. I know what that’s like. You have to stand. Take your place and then just stand and then just push back. Stand and push back. When we speak the Word of the Lord, it can go further than where we are. When we speak the word of the Lord, just like a sword goes out further than your hand, it goes out further. It goes out ahead of you. It goes out in front of you. The Word of the Lord. The Word of the Lord. Do you hear the sound? Do you hear the sound? Hallelujah. Thank You Lord. Praise the name of the Lord. Hallelujah. Thank You.


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