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PROPHETIC WORD July 24, 2022

Praise the Lord. Hallelujah. Thank You Lord. I hear the Lord over and over during worship. I heard restoration and preservation. Preserving. Restoring and preserving. And the Lord says today, those that are standing and declaring. Those that are standing and speaking My Word. Those that are expecting Me and waiting on Me and know that I’m doing My work, will see My glory first. Those of you, My dear ones, that are standing, that are keeping watch. Those of you that are seeing in the spirit and believing and trusting Me when you don’t see it in the natural. You will see the glimpse of My glory first. Keep standing and keep speaking for I draw near. I draw near. There is coming an explosion of My glory. There is coming an explosion of My goodness says the Lord. There is coming, there is coming a. Do I say what I’m hearing? There is coming a wall of water of My Word, and it will overtake everything that the enemy has tried to do. They’re standing on wobbly legs. They are quaking. They are nervous and they are anxious. They are given to fear, and it will overtake them. And it will be their demise. For they will tremble and crumble and fall. Keep speaking My dear ones that the nations will be free. For this nation is a standard and a flagship of freedom. Keep speaking it. Keep speaking it and keep standing. And you will see the glory of your God, very, very, very soon says the Lord of Hosts. For the crumbling has already started and the shaking and the trembling is now happening. And the enemy will flee.

I can tell you; I can see it. Ahh this is what the Lord is showing me. I’m seeing in the spirit, and this is what I’m seeing. I’m seeing the little demons, the small ones of low rank. They’re already running because they don’t have the strength to try to stand. They’re already running. I see that in the spirit. I see the little ones, the weaker ones. They’re already running. They’re fleeing in thousands. The next rank up. I’m seeing them trying to stand and I’m seeing the platform of the principalities starting to crack. And they know it. They know it. And they have nothing to hold on to. Yes. Holy Spirit is saying, they can’t hang on for dear life because they don’t know what life is. All they know is death and destruction. Watch and see. All the plans of the platform and all the ways that they have planned will crumble before you says the Lord. Hold fast to what My Word is saying. And open your eyes and see every crack. I will show it to you. Every crack and every crumble, you will see it. I see it in the spirit. I see it in the spirit. I see it in the spirit. I also see. Yes Lord. I see trumpeting angels. I see trumpeting angels. They’re trumpeting angels. And I’m not talking about the trump. The trumpet that’s going to call people out of this world to heaven. The saints are not preparing to leave yet. But what I’m seeing is there is a line of angels that have trumpets, and they’re victory trumpets. They are victory trumpets that will declare in the heavenlies. And that’s what we join, is the angels of the trumpets. And the Lord says watch for the trump will sound again. The trump will sound victory again. Whoa. I feel that really strong. Hallelujah. Thank You Lord. I feel like laughing. I feel like laughing. Yes Lord. Yes Lord. Thank You Lord. Glory be to the Lord. Glory be to the Lord. We give You glory. We give You glory. Praise the Lord. There’s victory dance coming. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.


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