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PROPHETIC WORD July 17, 2022

I hear the Lord say, stand. Stand and keep standing. For I stand with you says the Lord. I stand right beside you and I stand up on the inside of you. The strength to stand will permeate your being and the strength to stand will prove out My power. Stand and resist the enemy. Stand on My Word says the Lord. Stand on truth and do not be deceived by the lies of the enemy. Do not be deceived. The lies will get bigger, and it will seem like they are overwhelming and they’re everywhere. But the Lord says that you speak My truth, and you echo what My Word is, and it will crash the lies down and crumble because they have no power against the truth that I speak says the Lord. The talons of the evil one are being forced off. One by one. He thinks he has a strong grip on this nation, on My people, but he does not. And when you speak My Word, his grip gets looser and looser, and he cannot hold on. And he has to flee. And when he cannot hold on, he knows that he is weak says the Lord. He knows that he is so weak against the truth of My Word. And he is forced to let go. Keep standing. Keep speaking. Keep trusting. For it will keep you in the days ahead says the Lord. I will show Myself strong. I will show My power and I will show that My Word is true and I’m faithful. Strength to stand. And My power will hold you up says the Lord. I hear the Lord say, choose Me above all else. Choose Me. Choose Me. For I will come through for you. I am the victorious One and I make you an overcomer because you choose Me says the Lord. Thank You Lord.

I keep hearing the Holy Spirit say there is progress that you don’t even know of yet. In what you are believing for, there is progress. The Kingdom of God is moving forward and there is progress. It is not shown yet. You may not see it yet. But there is progress in the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is overtaking. The kingdom of God is at work and there is progress. And the light that was small. It seems like it was so small. It is growing larger and larger. And it is taking, overtaking the darkness.


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