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PROPHETIC WORD July 10, 2022

During worship, I kept hearing the Lord say there will be increase on every hand. He said what I shine My glory on I will increase. My glory will shine the increase in every area. He said things are going to increase that I touch with My glory. He said at the same time you’re going to see that as My glory starts going forward that’s it’s going to also burn up the things that do not shine of Me. There are things that are going to crumble, and fall says the Lord. There’re things that are going to come down because they have no foundation. That they will shake, and they will shake until they crumble says the Lord. And I say to you this day, that do not look at the crumbling. Do not look at the crumbling. For it will be like nothing. It will be like sand upon the sea for you to walk on says the Lord. Do not pay attention to the crumbling. But that which I will not and can not touch with My glory will fall. And the people will rejoice because they can see clearly. They will have a clearer vision. A clearer pathway. And they will learn of Me says the Lord. They will know Me. They will know Me. They will know Me and My ways. And they will want Me. For the revelation of who I am will be My presence and My glory. For watch in these days for when the rumbling and the shaking is happening and all turns to dust, My glory will shine, and I will increase and increase and increase again. As it multiplies and multiples, watch and see My glory will accelerate and increase everything that is of Me. And people will experience Me. Yes Lord. They will experience Me. They just won’t know of Me. My people just know of Me. And that saddens My heart. But there’s coming a day when all will experience Me. They will experience who I am. They will experience all of Me. Those that sit in My presence. Those that already experience Me, it will increase. It will increase and it will propel forward My purposes and My plans in this hour. For those that have sat with Me and those that experience Me consistently will know the pathway and will know the way that I am moving in the earth. And they will walk in unison. They will walk in cadence and in harmony with My glory, My voice, and My purpose. Hallelujah. Thank You Lord. And the Lord would say, do not fear for I go before you. Do not fear. I carve out before you, says the Lord. And He says, My plans are bigger than yours. My plans are big. They are My size says the Lord. They are My size. For you would look at what you can do but I see who I am and what I know. That I will do. So, look at Me. And watch Me. And let your plans become My plans. Thank You Lord. Hallelujah. Lord, we give You glory. Yes Lord. Thank You Lord.


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