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PROPHETIC WORD February 05, 2023

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Right at the beginning of worship, I heard the Lord say very clearly. He was addressing a question I had for Him this morning. There’s been a controversy. It’s been really heavy on my heart. And I said to Him early this morning, “What say You?” Sometimes the Lord takes time to answer me. But this is what He said. The Lord said, “I have given instructions in My Word to do My prophets no harm. I will vindicate My prophets. And when I do, all will stop and look. And their mouths will drop but they will no longer be able to utter a sound against what I say. And what I say, I will do. And when I do what I say that I would do, the prophets that have been rejoicing all along, will not say, ‘I told you so.’ They will say, ‘Praise ye unto My God and, as the prophet of old said, you have delivered me and vindicated me against my enemies.’ And the Lord would also say, “That in that day. Yes, in that very hour that is coming very soon. It will be like I said in My Word, that people will be rejoicing and saying this is like a dream. It’s not even like it's real. And all will know that what I said, I do. And the ones that speak what I say are safe.” This is what the Lord told me. He said, “You want to know, what say I?” I say, “Do My prophets no harm. And that Word will resound, and they will remember and they will put their face down and there will be repentance. For in that day and in that hour, their mouths will not be able to utter a word. Because when they rise up against My words, whether it be in My written Word or whether it be in the voice of My prophets, they are coming against Me. And they are unaware. And just like Saul thought that he was doing My work in persecuting My people. There will be a revelation. There will be a seeing. And there will be repentance. That is what I say,” says the Lord. Thank You Lord.


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