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PROPHETIC WORD February 06, 2022

I hear the Lord say very clearly. He started talking to me about this way early this morning and then He was continuing on.

He said, the month of February will be the month. Can you hear it? Can you hear it? The month of February will be the month that you will hear My roar. The roar. The roar of who I am. The Lion’s roar. The roar that will cause the rumble and yes there will be shaking says the Lord. But the enemy is already shaking. For the rumble is coming across this land. Across Canada. And across Australia. And it will cause an echo effect across the world. The roar of who I am. The roar of My authority says the Lord. It is already sounding, and it will resound. The roar will continue, and you will see it will unearth and it will unseat the enemy’s plans. And it will remove the enemy’s assignment. Says the Lord this day. Take courage and take joy. For the roar, the Holy Spirit teaches, resounds through the heavens, and shakes the earth. And everything in between in the atmosphere. Demons shudder and demons flee. And you will see the results in the wake of My roar. And the roar will take back what the enemy has stolen. And it will take back Godly authority and it will take dominion in the atmosphere that the enemy thought was his. And My Glory will rain down as a thunder and a refreshing. Like a storm, it will come. And the thunder will be Me. Not to bring fear but to bring authority back in its rightful place. Says the Lord. Watch, but more than watch, listen. Listen. It will be unmistakable, and it will be loud. And it will resound and resound and resound like an echo. Around the whole world. Says the Lord. Thank You Lord.


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