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PROPHETIC WORD January 30, 2022

First Prophecy:

The Lord says, this is it, no more delay. The time is here. One more push through. You will see the reality of what you have seen in your heart. By faith. It is coming. Don’t stop now. Take a deep breath. Focus your faith on Me. Push. For all is well. The new birthing many will see. Many will be amazed at the new thing that I am doing in this hour.

Second Prophecy:

I am turning up the heat. The intensity. My Glory will be like fire. It is going to be very intense but it’s going to be awesome as it burns off that which has to be removed.

The power of My Glory will draw ones to Me. And those that are looking for Me will experience who I really am. I give away My Glory to no one, but I multiply My Glory by adding more and more and more to Myself of those that bow and yield themselves to Me. I will fill and I will multiple and then I will fill, and I will multiply again. And I will continue, and I will do it again and again. I will fill and multiply Myself in who I am in My people that yield to me and bow to me. I Am the Lord God who is the Glory of heaven. I fill all the earth with who I am says the Lord. Come to Me. Drink of Me. Come to know Me. Give to Me who you think that you are and surrender yourself to Me and I will show you who I created you to be. You are mine. My treasure. My precious treasure. My beloved son and my beloved daughter. The intensity will be turned up for you that really know Me as a flame of love. My love for you. My love and My Glory are the same. My Glory gives light and brightness and brighter and brighter of the truth of who you are. And you will see, and you will know Me more intensely and more real than anyone in the natural realm.


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