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PROPHETIC WORD July 03, 2022

If I cry through this, I’m just going to apologize now. It’s just a very heavy word. I mean that it’s a beautiful word, but it just felt like a heavy word. Because I was like, Lord, who am I to hear this. But it is necessary to say, and I think I’m not the only one that’s going to be saying it. But as we were entering into worship. There was a very thick mist. And the Lord reminded me, and He said remember, I think it was last week you had. She has a word where the Lord was telling her there was rain. That there was a rain that was coming. And He said before the rain, there’s always a real thick mist. And I began to see the wind blow and it stir and to stir things up. And there was this very thick mist. And I’ve been meditating on just the word revival. And I just kept thinking about that word. And as I was meditating on it. I saw His hand, I was standing next to Him. And when I stand next to the Lord, I can see His perspective on the earth. It’s just sort of out there, whatever. Kind of like the perspective people have like from the moon. Similar to that. But what I saw was He took His hand and He flipped it like this. And He said what people call revival, I call the redemption. And He said every time that I have wanted to bring. Every time there’s been like a turning. Every time there’s an outpouring of some kind, like in Acts in the Upper Room and the revivals like Azusa Street. He said it’s a redeeming. People call it revival, but He said l call it redeeming. And He said I’m bringing everything up to time. And He said I’m redeeming the time. That I’m bringing it back around. Because there are some global things that are happening that I’ve been asking Him about. And He’s like you don’t have to pay attention to that. He’s like they’re not asking Me what they’re doing. He’s like, they just do it. And it’s, you know, sort of like, whatever, it’s very miniscule. Ok, so I don’t put much stock in it at this point. But when He did that, it was like He had His hand right here. And it was like this is the earth. He had it like this and you know He sort of flipped it. And it reminded me of, we’ve had several words about the flipping of the page or things being turned over. Or a turning of some kind. A turning. And so, it was almost as if He was saying like things have been behind. I’m bringing it up to where I want it to be. And then. I’m trying to remember about the redemption. And then I heard the word swell. And He said there have been people that have been trying to. Ahh, they see a huge wave. They see a tsunami and they think it’s disaster. But what they think is disaster is revival. He said, it’s actually people. He said it’s people and He said, and they’re being packed in like sardines. And I saw that what we’ve, what we’ve been. This swell is people. And that where people see doomsday. He said get your nets ready. He said the day of one pole is over. He said when I say cast your nets. You’re going to cast your nets. And He said I am the extender of the net. He said your net will go farther than what you think it will because I am the one that extends its reach. And I saw a large fishing net just being thrown out. And He reminded me of the scripture about the disciples when He told them to cast their net. And it was on the other side. And so, He said when I tell you to cast your net, you cast your net. He said when I tell you to say, you say. And he said every house will be packed. He said it will be packed in like sardines. And I saw our facility, our building. And I saw churches that were like a hundred years old that have like the wood paneling on the side. And like they were built like a hundred years ago. He said they are hungry for the gospel. And He said they’re going to pack in like sardines. And I saw wall to wall people. Men, women, just all kinds of, just people packed in like sardines. And I was trying to think if there was something else. I think that was it. I didn’t cry. Ok. Praise God. But I’m telling you as I was receiving it, I was getting ready to bawl my eyes out. But yes, but there is a. There was something. One of the impressions I got was that even though we operate in time. He is the author of time and God can move time. And we see that several times in scriptures. He reminded me of that. He reminded me of Joshua and when the sun set still. Hezekiah when he moved the dial. Those kinds of things. And He said if I want to bring time up. He said I’ll bring it up to where I need it to be, to do what I need it to do. And so, He said I am the redeemer of time. And so, I was like oh wow. OK. Praise God. So, I just wanted to release that and say just to be ready. In that as we deliver the gospel to a hungry people it is not anything that has to be complicated. When they were in the Upper Room, they just surrendered their words to the Holy Spirit, and they just said what the Lord told them to say. And gave them utterance. And I think that’s what we have to be surrendered to. Is to be surrendered in such a way that, it’s not complicated. It’s not complicated. Receiving Jesus and delivering the gospel is not complicated. It doesn’t have to be delivered with eloquence. You just say what needs to be said and then God is the one that brings the harvest. So.

Pastor Jody:

So good Tanya. During worship. It’s so funny. It went right along with what you were saying. We were speaking over the nations. I was calling out nations. And I got to Afghanistan and the Holy Spirit said. He gave me two things. He said America is going to be made right again. You know the America, the make America great again. And I heard the Holy Spirt say. It’s make America right again. And then I heard. And when America is right, they will go in and make right what was done to Afghanistan. There is hurting, hurting, hurting people. And Afghanistan will be made right. When America’s made right, there is a ripple effect. But there was a great, great evil done to loose the power of darkness with no limits on that country again. And when America is right again, there’s going to be a huge assignment. It’s bigger than an assignment. That God is going to say, now, take care of my Afghanistan. And it will be made right, what was done.

Pastor Tanya:

Because the enemy is bound to earth. Ah that he is going to be taken off guard. And it was almost like I saw the enemy going. What just happened. Like, what just happened. And He said it was the same as when Jesus was here, and he showed up and everything changed in a minute. He didn’t know where it was coming. And so, He said, he’ll have to play catch up. And so I was just like wow, ok. That was just the last I heard.

Pastor Jody:

You know when scripture says that if the devil knew what was going to happen, he would have never crucified Jesus. If he had known about the resurrection. But it was so plain. Jesus was the Resurrection. But he didn’t. See, the devil, the devil is a fallen angel. He’s not equal to God. He’s a created being. So, God knows how to go ta-da, ta-da over here and go shift, shift, shift, shift. Ta-da. And the devil goes, what just happened. And He knows how to pull the rug out from under him.


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