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PROPHETIC WORD June 05, 2022

So much going on in the Spirit. The Lord was speaking to me a lot. And something shifted during worship. And the Lord gave me some instructions about some things I’ve been praying about. He does that with me. He gives me specific instructions in worship. When Tanya said that she saw a bright light, white. And everything was stone and marble. That’s the throne room. Yesterday I was resting in the living room. Pastor Harvey was outside. I had laid down and dozed off. Just barely dozed off. And all of a sudden there was this brilliant, bright light. And there was so much peace. And I was dozed off, kind of asleep. But I was in the place between awake and asleep. And I, I was like, Lord what is this. I walked into angels’ wings. I couldn’t see. Like a cloud. I know what that is. And He said this is My glory. And later when I went back after I woke up and was praying about it. The Lord spoke to me, and He said, “My glory is what’s carrying you.” He said, “you can sleep. You can rest. I’m carrying you. I’ve got you.”

We’ve had such busy, busy couple weeks and I felt like when I woke up this should be morning. I said Lord, I’ve got things to do. And He said No. I want you to do nothing but rest. So that’s what I did. And when I say rest. I read. I pray. Read. Just relax. But the rest, in that rest. In that restful place is where we find how strong the presence of the Lord, the glory of the Lord is. And that was so amazing. Then during worship today, the Lord spoke to me, and He said reach out and grab a hold because you’re going to get everything back. Now I know what we have been through. Many do not. What He meant was. Showed me. He said you reach out. That’s your faith. You extend your faith. And say, yes Lord, and you reach out and you grab ahold of what He said. And the Lord tells me almost every day. You can ask my husband. Almost every day the Lord tells me you will stand. You will stand. Through it all, you will stand. But the Lord says that He is going to redeem back all that the locust has eaten. All the years and everything that those years contained that the enemy has stolen. We reach out and say, give it back. I mean what has the devil taken away that God is going to restore. What has the enemy fought to take away and make you feel less than. What has the enemy taken away to make you think that you don’t deserve what God said. What has the enemy taken away to make you doubt the word of God and what He said. Make a determination today. Listen to the Word of God. Grab ahold. If you’ll grab ahold. If you’ll just say, no, that’s what the enemy’s plan was but it’s not going to work because God said, and I believe and I stand. And I know what He said, and I choose what He said. Grab ahold. And then say, I’m getting everything back. I’m getting everything back. Get it all back.

When the enemy came and stole the families and everything from David and his army. They had went out and fought the battle and came home victorious. But the enemy had stolen the women and the children, and everything. They had come in while the men were gone. And his armies came to him and railed against him. And he went before the Lord. They were ready to stone him. They were ready to quit. They were ready to turn. But he went and got the ephod. And he went before the Lord. And he said, Lord what do I do. And the Lord said, “Go, and get back everything. Recover all. Recover all that the enemy has stolen.” And David stood up and went and encouraged his troop. And said we are going to go. And the Lord fought that battle, and they were able to get back their wives, their children, their possessions and even more. They plundered the enemy and came back victorious with more than what they. More than what was stolen. Oh, there’s an old song. We used to sing it. I went to the enemy’s camp, and I took back what the devil has stole from me. I love that song. And then it goes into, look what the Lord has done. The Lord is good, and He has. He has recovering, restoration in His heart. On His mind. Go and get and recover all. Go and get everything that the enemy has stolen. That’s His will. That is His will. That’s what He has for you. Recovery and restoration. And we will stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. Redemption. The word Savior. I love that word. The word Savior, in the Greek, one of the meanings is revivor. He’s the revivor. He revives us. He breathes on it. When we stand in His Word and what He says, He breathes life onto His Word and that word comes to pass. He’s the Savior and He’s the one that revives us. Brings back and recovers us. He rescues us and then He restores us. Hallelujah. Oh, praise the name of the Lord. The throne room. The throne room. The throne room is marble and white. Steps of gold. Hallelujah. Thank You Lord. Lord, we give You glory.


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