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PROPHETIC WORD March 27, 2022

In all the earth says the Lord, there is a ringing. There is a ringing out. There is a bell ringing. There is an announcement. It is time for the reverse. It is time for the turning. Stop looking to leave here says the Lord. Stop looking for the escape. That will come soon enough, says the Lord. But there is so much that My heart still has for this world, this people, and this time. It is not time to leave. It is time to rise up. It is time to be whom My people are called to be and take their place. Hear My voice as I call, the bells are ringing. It is ringing throughout the world. Ringing, the bells are ringing. Can you hear them? Can you hear them? Clear out the cobwebs of old thinking. Clear out the cobwebs of old beliefs. Hear the bell ringing. It rings true and it rings loud. There is a ringing that’s going out. It is time. It is time. It is time for coming up and it is time for standing up. For I have a people says the Lord. I have a people and not everyone that calls Me Lord is going to stand. Not everyone knows how. But I call the remnant who knows who they are, to stand and listen and line up with the ringing. And to go forth and move forward and to know each step and each place. I go forward with you. I stand in the midst of My people and they’re crying and they’re begging. And I’m saying, stand up, stand up. It is time for the salvation. It is time for the salvation. The redemption to come into fruition. It is time. It is time for the redeemed to say so. Take a hold, take a hold, take a hold of My Words. Take a hold of My heart. Hear My voice. And just take one step and you will see the joy, the strength. The resounding of My call. I call you by name for you are Mine. And I’m calling you come forth. Come forth. You are Mine. Take off the grave clothes of old. Take off the grave wrappings that have held you down. Take off the mind sets of guilt, condemnation, and old thinking. And see the salvation of your God. This earth and all that is in it, is Mine. And I have given it to My sons and daughters. Stand up and take your place, says the Lord. Hallelujah. Thank You, Lord.

The Lord says watch the next three weeks and then the next three weeks and then the next three weeks. Watch. Watch. And you will see. Three weeks, and then three weeks and then three weeks. Watch. There are pivotal things that are going to come to light and pivotal things that are going to be exposed. And very pivotal things that are going to change the course. And the pace is set. The pace is set. Watch. The Holy Spirit says it won’t be hard to see it. It won’t be hard to see it. But He says take note. He says, take note this day. In three weeks and then three weeks and then three weeks. Take note of the turning. Take note of the revelations that are coming and take note of the lining up and the pace says the Lord. Says the Lord. Hallelujah.

Choose this day. Choose this day, I will say. Choose this day. Choose this day to make a priority in your heart of My voice. Choose this day. Make a priority in your time. For in the times to come it will be so important that the seeds of your time are sown now. Seeds, seeds of time. Sowed now. Sown now. Now, for it will come up a harvest of redeeming the time. It will make the days easier. It will make your hearing at a fine tune. And you will be amazed. Take the time to sow the seeds. Thank You Lord. Hallelujah.

The Lord keeps putting a clock in front of my face. All during worship, He kept showing me a clock and it wasn’t like it was just, like click, click, click, click, one minute at a time. It was like it was jumping. It was like going click, click, click. In the natural, it would almost look like it was jumping 10 or 15 at a time. Almost. In increments of that if it was a normal clock. Yes Lord. He says My time. This is My time. This is My time that I set. This is My pace that I set. Get in line. Get in line and get in step says the Lord. This is not a rebuke, this is a call. This is an opportunity. Get in line, get in step. For I don’t go along with man’s time. I go with My time. Yes Lord. I go with My time, and I set the pace.

Come in line and step out to My pace says the Lord. This is not a correction or a rebuke. This is a call. And not everyone is going to hear it and be quick to obey or come in line. It’s going to take some people a while. It’s going to take people saying, “Wait a minute, where’s everybody lining up. Where’s everyone going. What’s going on,” before they say, “Oh, wait a minute, I want to take my place too.” I see that. Kind of like a parade. I see people say, “What’s going on, what’s going on. People are walking in the street. People are walking. What are they doing?” And then they say, “Oh I, I want to go too.” But there has to be a few that step out and say I, I will listen and walk in step. I will be one of the first. Holy Spirit says that’s what you call a movement. When people start moving to the beat of the Master’s drum. That’s a movement. And then, He calls the movement to cause other people to move. Holy Spirit is teaching today. For a movement to happen somebody has to make the first move and obey God. I will Lord. I will. Choose me, here am I Lord. Here am I. The pioneers hear the call before the others follow. The pioneers. The pioneers cut through the brush to make the pathway easier for others to follow. I know, we’re pioneers. We’ve always been pioneers. We’ve done things no one else in the world has ever done. We know what it is to be pioneers. We’ve paid the price. And we know the pace. Though none go with me. Though none go with me. The call goes out and we say, Yes Lord. We say, Yes Lord. We say Yes. We say Yes. Oh, glory be to God.


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