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PROPHETIC WORD March 28, 2021

The other thing I’m hearing and keep hearing this over the last couple of days. That the mountains will tremble. The mountains will tremble. Not just the shaking. But there will be a trembling. Not just like an earthquake in the natural. Although that will manifest. Mountains will bow. At My Word. The mountains will shake at My Word. My Word coming out of My people. And the mountains will shake. The Lord reminded me, remember I am the God of shock and awe. Do not forget that. It’s been a long winter, but spring is here. Spring is here. Hold fast your confession. Hold fast your eyes on Me. Hold fast the words of your mouth to line up with Me says the Lord. Hold fast. Fasten yourself. Bind My words to you. Let My words come out of your mouth. The mountains will tremble. The mountains will tremble. The mountains will tremble. The Lord says that you will find that they were not mountains at all. That nothing stands in front of you. Nothing stands in front of you. When you speak My Word. Mountains will tremble.


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