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The Lord started speaking to me at the very beginning of our worship. When we were standing and declaring over the nations.

The Lord says to you today, “Remember who you are. Remember what I have called you to be. My voice. It is not time to shrink to back. It is not time to look down. It is time to stand. It is time to declare and decree as My people in this hour like never before.” And the Lord of Hosts says to you today, “I need your voice. I need your voice to resound. To echo what I say to the prophets, that are My voice. Resound and resound. Without doubt. Without hesitation and without procrastination. I need you to sing. I need you to stand. I need you, My people, to use your words so that My Word will go forth. For when you send My Word, angels work, angels go, and angels heed the Word of the Lord. Flood the atmosphere My people. Flood the atmosphere.”

Yes Lord. “Change is coming. Huge change is coming. And it’s going to feel like everything is upside down. But My Word will stand. My will and My ways will go forth. And I will take what the enemy does for harm, and I will turn it for My shining glory and for My good. And My people will know that I am their God. And the nations will know what God hath done. It is coming near. And it is nearer than what you think. Do not be lulled to sleep. And do not be alarmed. Set your face like flint towards Me. And you will see what I see. Not here but far away. There will be like a tower. It will be like a tower. And it will seem like a tower of cards. And there will be a crumbling. A shifting. There will be a quaking. And the cards, the tower will fall. It will not be on this soil of this land. For they have raised a tower and said we will do it without God. I am confusing the enemy’s language and in their camp. To turn on one another. To point fingers one to another. And it will topple. It will topple. And the sound will be heard around the world. The toppling of the pinnacle. The tower will come crumbling down. It will look like a crumbling or a scattering of brick and mortar, but that will be the physical manifestation. For I’m tearing down kingdoms. They think they can reach the skies, but it’s all chatter and it will be silenced. And the idol words will fall to the ground like a house of cards.”

I don’t know what this means, and all I see is the words, bay area. I do not know if it’s connected. It doesn’t seem like it is, but I hear and see the words, bay area. God is moving. I see bay area. And I don’t know that it is connected to the other Word. I don’t see it connected. I see it two different things.

We speak in part. We prophecy in part. Like puzzle pieces. Till God puts the pieces together. Pray. Pray. For God is going to move mightily. He is hovering. And He is moving mightily. And I keep seeing bay area. The only bay area I know is in California. But that’s my own thoughts.

The Lord’s, the Lord’s giving me separate Words. This word I see, disconnected apparently, is like balls of fire. There’re balls of fire. Balls of fire and I hear the word irruption and balls of fire. And I see big slabs of concrete cracking. Very huge slabs of concrete, cracking. I’m just telling you what I’m seeing in the Spirit. I’m telling you what He’s showing me. Bits and pieces, like a puzzle. Large pieces of long pieces. Almost like walkways, but it’s not a walkway like a sidewalk. And there’s a huge crack.

When the Lord was speaking about the tower I saw. The image I saw was like the leaning Tower of Piza. So, we will see if that’s a physical manifestation, or if that’s an image of what it will look like when it goes down in the Spirit. I see many people walking, walking, in a large arena. Going towards a large arena. And there’s masses of people walking. And I see. They think they’re going to one thing. I don’t know if it’s a sport’s event. Or if it’s, or they’re going to see something. I don’t know if it’ a concert. I don’t know what it is. There’re masses of people going. And as they realize, they see up ahead. And I see them start running. They’re running. And all I see is a big, a big white light. And they start running towards it. And I think it’s to see what it is. And it draws them, and it causes them to run towards it. And so, they start running instead of walking. I want to say it looks like a stadium. And the light is high above the stadium. It must be an open-air stadium. And they start running towards it, not away from it.

I hear the Holy Spirit say, “People are going to run to the Lord God. They’re going to run to Him. They’re not going to walk. They’re not going to have to be coerced. They’re going to run to Him. And they’re going to be so excited like they were going to a football game. They’re going to want more of Him. They’re going to want to know what He has. What He says. And who He is.” Thus says the Lord, the Spirit of God.

So, remember who you are My beloved children. Stand in who you are says your Lord and your God. For your Father loves you, but He’s calling you up. And saying tell, tell them who I am. Declare and decree My works among the people. And you will see My hand work. Tell them I love them. For the hour is drawing near that they’re going to cry out for answers. And I am the only, only answer to what the world needs. Thus says the Lord this day.

Yes. Yes. Thank You Lord. Thank You Lord. I’m reminded of several places, but what came to my mind. Jeremiah was a seer prophet. And the Lord asked him, “What do you see?” And he said, “Lord I see.” And there were several things in that conversation the Lord was showing him. And He said, "Do you know what it means?” And he says, “No Lord, I don’t know what it means.” And then the Lord would speak to him what it means. A seer prophet sees and then has to hear just like everyone. I have to hear. I have to say, “Lord, what does this mean?” And sometimes I get a vague. And then sometimes He”ll tell me specifics. But He tells me, what do you see? You say what you see. You say what you see.

Lord you’re so good. You’re so good. You are so faithful. Just worship Him. Lord, you’re so good. You’re so faithful. You are so, so faithful. And Your Word is pure, and it is right, and it is good. And it is life giving.

Lord forgive Your people for doubting You. Forgive Your people for putting you to the side. Or putting you in the wrong place and not first. I declare and decree that as for this house, we will serve the Lord. And as for this prophet, I will speak what You say, and I will speak what You show me. And let the boldness and courageousness of Your people arise. To resound what the prophet brings forth from You. Lord, we dedicate our mouth. We dedicate our eyes and our ears. We dedicate our hands and our feet. And we dedicate our heart, wholly unto You. Wholly unto You. Yes Lord. This may seem like an intense moment in time but people, church of the living God, this is the glorious times. This is coming upon the most glorious times when all the world will shake and tremble with fear. You will not be moved. Thank You Lord. Thank You Lord. You’re so faithful.

That song we sang, “The Goodness of God.” I, I cannot listen to that song or sing it without just bowing my heart and declaring the goodness of God. Not because He’s righteous but because He’s so good to me. He is so good to me. It just makes you want to worship and just say, “Thank You Lord because You are so good.” When you’re having a bad day, He doesn’t have a bad day. When you’re having a hard time, He does not have a hard time. When persecution comes, when fear comes, He does not have those things. And He pulls you up out of the fire of thoseand puts you in a safe place. And reminds you of who you are. You are the apple of His eye. We are the treasure of His heart. We are His sought ones until He came and captured us back. We are the beloved of Father God. And I know I’ve had hard days, and it’s ok to cry. He’s not saying you have to buck it up, be tough. It’s ok to cry. It’s ok to say, “I don’t know what to do, but I know I trust You. I don’t know what the answer is at this moment, but I trust You.” And He says, “That’s all that I need.”Thank You Lord. Thank You Lord.


Sunday, May 14, 2023

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