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We give You Glory. Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Thank You Lord. Thank You Lord. Hallelujah, hallelujah. Praise the name.

During the worship. As soon as the worship started, I closed my eyes and I saw, I saw a square and it was like, it was like a mist, but it was golden. And the Lord said, My Kingdom and My Glory is descending on the earth. And I saw it coming down. I saw it coming down. Coming down. And it’s like a, it’s like a tangible, a tangible weight of Glory. And then the Lord said, I’m setting up My government. I am setting up My government, says the Lord. The government of this nation and the government of this earth. Never let it be said that while My people were here, I did not rule and reign as King. Never let it be said! That My kingdom and My glory did not reign on this earth. For in many, many, many days ahead, it will rule and reign forevermore. But you are about to see My kingdom turn everything upside down and right side up. I will have My government rule and My glory fill this earth. Watch and see. Watch and see. The kingdoms of this world are going down. The platforms of lies and deceit are being crumbled and blown away like dust. And justice and truth and My order. My order will be the new order says the Lord. Not what the enemy wants to put in order. My Kingdom order. Watch, because in the heavens you will see evidence, a manifestation of what I say this day.

Yes Lord. And as for the Supreme Court says the Lord. I put a fortress around them. I put My protection, My armies around them. For they are following My heart and My leading. No harm will come to any, but if there is dissension in the ranks, it will be exposed. I’m giving time for all to turn. There’s two. There’s two the Lord is giving time.

The Lord says do not be afraid when you hear the loud barking of the dog. Don’t be afraid. For he might bark loud, and he might try and show his teeth, but I have the leash on his collar, and I will jerk it. And I will remove his teeth. And he will be a sad, sad, sad specimen. When all comes to nothing. When all the barking and all the threating, when it all comes to nothing. So, stand tall my people. Stand tall as sons and daughters of Mine. For it is getting ready to be exposed. I see two and two, two and two. A turning of two. Two and two. A turning. They will either turn around or they will turn out says the Lord. Says the Lord. Two turn or two out. Thank You Lord. Thank You Lord.

Give My words first place in your heart when all seems much louder. For My Word will hold you steady says the Lord. My Word will hold you steady. My truth will hold you like the belt that holds you together. My truth will keep you strong.

The Lord says some of you think that this is a hard work for Me. The Lord says this is not hard. The manifestation of My Kingdom on this earth is a long awaited, very much awaited, manifestation. And it will be more of an organic shift than an event. It will be more like an organic shift from death to life. More than a huge event. But make no mistake, My Kingdom is descending on this earth. And it is coming nearer and nearer. Look up for your redemption draws nigh. Look up. Do not be downcast. Do not look at the ground. Look up. Look up. My government is being established says the Lord. Thank You Lord. Thank You Lord.

Yes. Holy Spirit’s saying. Now let me clarify, cause I do this for you. The Lord of Hosts speaks and declares. And then the Holy Spirit comes along, along side and then teaches. Brings understanding. Brings comfort. And I hear the Holy Spirit say, it is the hour for order and order comes. Begins in the household of faith. Begins in the household. Begins in the household of God. And then it established, establishes the order for the household at your homes. For this is God’s plan. This is God’s plan. What He does in the earth, He does in the household of God first. Oh, thank You Lord.

Choose this day. Choose this day, I would say to you. To line up with the household of God. So that you can take that and line up your household. For the Spirit of God wants to fill your house. Wants to fill your house. Wants to fill your house. And yes, I said it three times says the Holy Spirit. The house of the Lord, your house, and your physical being. Choose this day. And the Lord says I will stand with you. Holy Spirit says I will strengthen you. You will stand in the days to come, and you will see the Glory of God. You will see the Glory of the Lord permeate every area of your life. Every area of your, ahh your influence. But there’s a lining up. Yes Lord. Yes Lord. Thank You Lord.


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