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PROPHETIC WORD September 04, 2022

All during worship I heard the Lord say I’m not going to rescue My church. I am going to call up and raise up My church. I’m going to raise them up. And the Lord would say to you, “You’re almost there. For what I have deposited in you, says the Lord, is resurrection power. My church is going to rise up in this hour. My church is going to rise up and nothing that the enemy does will be able to stop it. It will pour into the streets. And it will pour. My Spirit, My spirit will pour into other people. My voice will be heard, and My apostles and My prophets will go forth first. Some of My prophets, says the Lord are not lining up but there is coming a lining up. There is coming a lining up. And My voice will be heard in My people. And My voice will move mountains out of the way. Because it’s not just about My people and it’s not just about this country. This is about My glory. This is about My treasure. The people that are here that need to see My church and who she is. My church, My beautiful church I call you into that place of who you are. To walk and talk and to bring forth My glory in all the earth and to be who I am and to show forth My power, My strength, My love, and My pathway to bring all unto Me. For it is only then, under pressure, when My church compresses and knits together and locks arms. And that is what is happening. That is what is happening. No more scattering, no more division. No more this faction or this isolated people. For I am calling My body together in strength and in power. And they will go out. My bride will go out and My glory will flood the earth as the water covers the sea. And in that day, that you are quickly coming upon, My bride will be gloriously, wonderfully empowered to move on behalf of Me. And you will change the course of what the enemy has said. It will not look like they say. That’s a lie. All of that is a smoke screen. It will not be. My church will arise. She’s coming together. And the light is being quickened in her. That I deposited in her. And the revelation of who she is, is coming into being. The Lord says it has always been My plan and it has always been My work. Men have tried. And there’re have been great moves of My Spirit, but there is nothing that has ever been that you are about to see. It will be an open display for all the world to see. Coming from every corner. Every nation. Coming together to Me and then and only then will you see My glory over and over and over. You have not seen anything like this,” says the Lord.

I hear the Holy Spirit say that you have chosen the hard way, but it’s because you are called to it. You have said yes. For you have declared and decreed that you would be a forerunner. And a forerunner you will be. Because I need them. All of them. I need the ones that will go out first and declare and decree. “And because you have said yes and because you have followed, have followed Me out front. You will see before anyone else sees. You will see ahead of time. You will declare ahead of time. And you will decree ahead of time. And you will bring it into being. For I am the voice. I am the words. I’m the One that is bringing this together,” says the Lord. “And you have already said yes. The cry of your heart is to let me be the One, let me be the ones, let me be the ones to go ahead and be on the front lines. And even though you have chosen the hardest place, you have walked where I have shown you. And you have spoken what I have said to you. And the faithfulness to do that. You are going to get to see first. And you are going to get to see the victory ahead first,” says the Lord. Says the Lord, “For this is a glorious time. Make no mistake, this is a glorious time. And you are about to see more of My glory than ever has been on the earth.” The Lord’s saying, “You visit My throne room and you have done so today. Do not forget what that atmosphere is like and do not forget the way. For it is an open access to you at any time, night, or day. Come to Me, just like today. Come to Me on any day and come to My throne. And you will go in and go no more out. And you will show others the way. For there is much here in this place and you’ve only stepped up on the first step. There is much, there is much to be revealed in this place. So, enter in and make it your goal to press in to know Me more. For what you have had in the past with Me will seem as nothing as you press towards Me. Lay everything aside and keep coming up one step at a time. And your joy will be full. And your strength will exceed everything that you have thought. And everything that you thought it would be. Because I do more than what you could ever, ever imagine. So, open up your heart, your mind and let Me show you the revelation of Me.” Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Thank You Lord. Thank You Lord. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah.


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