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PROPHETIC WORD September 11, 2022

The Lord was speaking to me about Canada. The Lord says that I will pour upon My people. I will pour on My people. It will be like a gusher. It will be like Niagara Falls. And it is about to hit. You’re going to see it about to hit. “And what I do for one I do for the other,” says the Lord. I told you a long time ago that what I do in this country I do for the other side. I do for the other side like Niagara Falls goes in a semicircle. The Lord says, “That I made that. I made that as a symbol. That you are brothers in this continent, and you will stand together.” And so, Lord Jesus, we thank you for Canada. Lord, I thank you for the people that are standing in Canada. And I saw this, I saw this. I saw people just dropping their hands and chains falling off in Canada. I saw, I saw them just…. They’re weary and they are getting weary, and they’re getting downcast. Their face is down and they’re saying, “Lord, what else can we do?” And the Lord says, “He is doing it and He’s dropping…. All the chains are starting to fall. The chains are starting to fall. The chains are starting to fall, and the veil is coming off the eyes of the wicked. The veil is breaking off of the eyes of the wicked like scales off of the eyes.” Lord Jesus, we thank you. And as we see this in Canada. The Lord says also in Australia. You’re going to see like Niagara Falls is going to be like a gusher. It’s going to be like a gusher. And it’s going to splash everywhere. And then you’re going to see in Australia. It’s going to come from every direction, north, south, east, and west. And over Australia it’s going to be as if the ocean is coming in wave after wave after wave after wave after wave from every direction, north, south, east, and west. The glory of the Lord is going to crash over every shore and go across every part of Australia. And it’s going to come from every direction. It is going to come like an unceasing wave. It’s going to come like, almost like, rays of light. And by waves of the sea. It’s going to come like a wave, a first wave and then another wave and then another wave. And the people are going to rejoice because the oppression is going to start lifting. And it’s going to start lifting and then they’re going to come up higher and higher and higher says the Lord. And I see and I see the banner of their flag waving so high. I see the Australian flag waving so high. And it has been down, and it has been down cast. And there hasn’t been even a wind. There hasn’t even been a little bit of a wind. The Lord says, “I am bringing forth My wind. And their flag will rise high. Their flag will rise high. And it will be a banner because I have established them in My kingdom. And My glory will reign, and their banner will wave high. And it will be pushed by the wind of My Spirit,” says the Lord. And their banner and the flag of who they are, the identity of who they are in the world will rise high. And it will wave after wave after wave. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

And the Lord says, “Don’t you know that I will do this country first. For this country has its roots in My people across the seas. And I am raising up My people for this day.” And the Lord says, “Watch and see. For everything that is prophesized out of this country will come to pass for other countries. For I will do what I said I will do. And there’s going to be a crashing. There’s going to be a crashing.” But the Lord says, “I have it all in My hands and there will be a raising up. Watch and see for you are upon the days of My glory and My glory will shine and this nation will rise above every nation. This nation is My lighthouse to the other nations. For you are the city set upon a hill. And My glory is about to shine. My glory is about to shine. Look up and watch and see what I will do for you. You will see it in the skies. You will see it in the skies. And there will be signs in the skies. And the skies will look like it is completely dark. The skies will look like it is completely dark.” And then the Lord says, “I will break forth. For I will put My hand. I will put My hand and scatter every cloud and every darkness. For My hand has never left this country. And My hand will uphold this country and it will be a light so bright for My glory,” says the Lord God Almighty. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.


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