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PROPHETIC WORD September 18, 2022

I hear the Lord say, “Very soon there will be manifestations of what I’ve been doing. Seemingly behind the scenes. But I have been actively pulling down. I have been actively uprooting. And I’m actively raising up. For in this time, those that see beyond the natural, My prophets that see and My prophets that hear know what is going on. For I use their voice to go out to perform My Word and My will.” And I the Lord would instruct you to desire the higher life. To desire to see. And to desire to hear far above this natural place. For I’m calling My church up higher. The prophets make the way and carve out the path. My true prophets know what I am doing, and they know that I use their voice to do it. For you will see mountains crumble and you will see the way made plain. For the glory of My church. The glory that I have deposited in My people will start springing forth like never before. The earth knows this, for it is groaning. And there will be signs of the groanings of the earth coming very, very shortly. The groanings of this earth are calling out for My glory to shine and push back the bowls of evil being filled. Overtaking what the enemy has planned and what he has tried to accomplish. For My glory will shine brighter even in the darkest, darkest time. And all will see. In the demonic realm there is shuttering going on. There is shuttering and shaking. The wicked are trying to puff themselves up but they have nowhere to stand, and the platform will fall on which they stand, says the Lord. I desire that My church will arise. And her eyes are sharp, and her ears are tuned, and her mouth is sharp. For My church is arising. For My people will know My voice. You will know that these things are going to come to pass when the days are shorter. When the sunlight shines less. This will be a sign to you that My glory will shine brighter. Fear not for the season is coming. Fear not. Fear not. For My glory shines brighter than the sun and it will give light. And the light will be brighter, and you will be able to see it. All that I’m doing. For the Lord says you will be proud to be called Mine. You will rejoice to be called Mine. I will adorn you. I will cover you. And I will let the world know you belong to Me. So, give Me your hand and let Me raise you up. Trust Me with all that you have, and I will raise up who you are. I will raise you up. It will be My Word. And oh, what a day that is coming. Oh, what a day. So rejoice now, for the day is almost here. For the day is almost here, says the Lord. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Thank You Lord. Thank You Lord.

I hear the Holy Spirit say to be like children. Be like children. Only in that you have to retrain your eyes and retrain your ears and retrain your mouth. What to see. What to hear. And what to say and how to talk. Hallelujah. See with new eyes. Hear with new ears what the Spirit of God is saying and doing. Fear will be out of your ears. And fear will be out of your eyes. And fear will be out of your heart. Hallelujah. Thank You Lord. Hallelujah.


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