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Hallelujah. Hallelujah. My government. My government of my Kingdom says the Lord shall be established in the earth. For My zeal has always been for the house of My God, of My Father. The government of My church shall be turned upside down! To be made right. There are those that think they can run off and do without My government. Without the Apostles and the Prophets in place. Without My Word. Without My truth. They try to establish themselves and their foundations are falling. Denominations and non-denominations alike. For the zeal of the house of the Lord has come upon Me says the Lord. And I’m driving out, driving out, once again. The corruptible. The ones that are easily bought. The ones that are easily sold. The ones that are easily deceived. That the enemy has contaminated. I’m driving them out! To fall on their knees and to come in line. For My discernment and My correction will come to the nations, but it’s going to come to My house first, says the Lord God. There is a shaking in the Kingdom first. For My house will be a house of prayer. My house will be a house of order. My house will be a house of worship. I’m calling on My apostles and My prophets to tear down the platforms that man has built unto themselves. And the foundation of My church will stand says the Lord. Says the Lord. And all else, all else will fall.

I see there’s counterfeit. Just like money changers in the Temple. There’s counterfeit sacrifice. Counterfeit worship. Counterfeit word. Yes Lord. And counterfeit love. For there is only the love of money. The love of personal gain. I’ve heard this several times in the last few weeks. He says I am purging My church. Now let me clarify that word, cause I went to the Lord the last few times. One of the things He told me was, this has nothing to do with people that believe in Him, that are saved. That are born again. But there are people in the church that are counterfeiting that. Hear me. There are people that have come into the house of God and built upon the platform that does not hold. And they don’t know God. They don’t know Him. And this is in every denomination. The Lord told me. I went to the Lord twice about this. And He says I am purging My church. Hear the Lord this day.

Watch, watch, watch. Watch. Watch, watch, watch says the Lord. Great and mighty things. Great and mighty things. I shake only to take those things out that don’t belong. To bring repentance. I’m talking about church leaders. I’m talking about church leaders. There’s a shaking among the church leadership. As an Apostle, I speak a lot to the leadership of the churches. Because they are responsible for the preciousness of the heart of God, His people. Hallelujah, hallelujah.


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