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Praise the name of the Lord. When we worship, we lay everything down. When we worship, we lay us down. And we lay everything in this place of Holy worship. It’s more than praise. We lift Him up, but we lay down everything in the way. Everything that we, that we carry. Everything that weighs us down, we lay it down. We lay it down. Thank You Lord.

Thursday morning, I woke up. As I was waking up, the Lord spoke to me very clearly. Many things. This was part of what He said. He said, you can laugh. You can laugh. No matter what the enemy tries or plans, you can laugh. In the time of trouble lift up your voice. In the time of opposition, do not take it on. Do not get burdened down. Laugh. Laugh. And again, I say laugh. He says you can glance at it, but don’t fix your eyes on the trouble. Fix your eyes on Me, says the Lord. I am your safe refuge. You will have peace and you can have joy if you learn to laugh from where I sit.

The night before He spoke to me and said you shall do valiantly. So, at the end of this, He said it again. He said, you shall do valiantly! And He took me to the scripture, Psalm 60, verse 12: “Through God, we shall do valiantly. For He it is who shall tread down our adversaries.”

When I was in the office earlier. We’ve had some rough, rough, rough, rough season. We have navigated some rough stuff. The Lord told me, you will stand. You will stand. You’ll not fall. For I stand with you. And I stand for you.

I know a lot of ministries are going through a very difficult time. Very difficult time. And we stand with them. The more that we join together. Encourage one another. We shall do valiantly. Not because we’re so good. Not even because we’re so anointed. Because there’s such an anointing on it, on the people of God. Some of the people I talk to, almost weekly. They’re so anointed. This isn’t about that. This isn’t about how many people see your video on Facebook. This isn’t about how many people follow you. This isn’t about being anointed or not anointed, or greatly anointed. This is about God doing valiantly. It’s about Him, coming and showing up. And I’ve loved the ministry this morning so far. If I wasn’t the mom in the house, I would, I would still be receiving just like you are. From what’s here. It’s the presence of the Lord. It’s the presence of the Lord. And because of that, everybody can say, I shall do valiantly. Because it's the presence of the Lord. Emmanuel. Emmanuel. Emmanuel, God with us. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

I hear the Hoy Spirit say, My people I comfort you in this time. I come as peace. Boldness. I come to you. Invite Me in every situation. Invite Me into every part of your life and I will bring peace. I am called, says the Holy Spirit, to come along side. To walk with you. To guide and to bring truth in the midst of lies. Usher Me in. Welcome Me in. For I am Your Comforter. And I am the Peacespeaker. The Holy One. The One that goes before and the One that strengthens you in the midst of every storm. And I am also the One, that gives you wisdom with peace and truth in love. So, I offer to you all that I am. Usher Me in says Holy Spirit. Welcome Me into your very being and every part of you. And I will touch you a fresh and new. And I will minister My presence within you. And I will bring peace. Thank You Lord. Hallelujah. Lord, we give You glory. Hallelujah.

If you’ve never heard prophecy coming through hands on an instrument, you’re hearing it now:

I am coming on the wind and fire. I am blowing. I am moving. Says the Lord. I am coming with My power. Yes, My power. I am Light, shining brighter and brighter. I am Light.


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