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PROPHECY WORD August 08, 2021

Lord, we love you. Lord, we believe You. We take You at Your Word. We give You glory!

Two different times when I have been on this sabbatical. Just staying before the Lord, praying in the spirit. Hearing His voice and seeing. He brought me to seeing our building from the road. I saw a white banner across the balcony. Hanging on the balcony rails. And in big, bold, red letters, it said, glory days.


And then the next time I saw it. I saw it like lights. And you know when something comes closer and closer, it flashes faster and faster.

And I declare and decree to you that I have heard the Lord say several times in the last two weeks. “Get ready. You’re walking into the glory days.”

And the only thing I hear is worship and prayer and standing and declaring what He says! “Keep standing.”

And I hear the Lord say, “Just a little longer. We’re almost there.”

And there is excitement. He’s not somber.

He’s saying, “Don’t stop now. Don’t give up now.”

I hear the Lord say, “Do you think that I would sit back and not pay attention and not harken My ears and not come in who I am. I will fulfill My Words. I will fill to overflowing, My people in all of these places where the enemy has thought He has won. It is a smoke screen. It is not true. For I have only just begun. For you will see the imprints in the sand where I have walked. And you will see My hand working. You will see where I go beforehand and all around where the enemy does not know. He does not know My plans, says the Lord.

“And he’s trying to cause diversions, distractions, divisions, and fears. But I say, watch My footprints in the sand. Watch, and fill My footprints in the sand. And you will see that you’re going to come out in a glorious place. A glorious place says the Lord. For in this day and in this hour, things are being shaken and things are being stirred up. But I would say to you, My people. Watch what I do next, and then next, and then next, and then next. Watch what I do. I am coming in all of My glory. Watch and you will see. I will confirm My words. I will act on what the prophets are declaring. For I have told them. For I have instructed them to speak and declare and to encourage My people. Watch the footprints in the sand. For I am right here walking in your midst. Surrounding you, loving you, keeping you, holding you. Never ever letting you go. I am here. My glory is here. And I’m coming in the fullness very soon. Oh, rejoice. Rejoice. And again, I say rejoice. If you rejoice at My words, you will experience My hand,” says the Lord. Thank You Lord. Thank You Lord.

“You are not pitiful. You are not oppressed. You are a glorious church, about to be infused with more of My power. And more of My love for every circumstance, every situation. For the glory days are upon you! Says the Lord of Hosts”

I hear the Holy Spirit saying, “You will not be disappointed. You will not be disappointed. Don’t be afraid to trust. Trust Me!”

Thank You, Lord. You know when you’ve been betrayed and hurt and disappointed, that word “trust” is a scary word. The Lord wants to heal those places. So that trust in Him is a sigh of relief.

Thank you, Lord! Hallelujah!!


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