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PROPHETIC VISION August 19, 2021

I saw a white table about the size of a kitchen table that was rectangular. I saw a man sitting behind the table. He was counting money or coins and looking down with a wall behind him. I saw Jesus walk up and stand there in front of the table. The man never looked up. Then with one swift motion Jesus spun the table around and shoved the table up against the man’s chest and pinned him up against the wall where he couldn’t move. The man looked shocked and scared. Then he dropped the money and put his hands up in surrender. The Lord has been saying to me that He is turning the tables on the enemies’ plans. When I saw Him do it in the vision, it was quick and suddenly everything was different. I could hardly see His hands move.

I know Jesus overturned the money tables in the temple. But this was different. Nothing on the table was disturbed. The problem wasn’t the money. It was the plans of the enemy that looked like it paid off the way he had hoped. He was relishing in his victory. Then suddenly he was caught and stopped. The victory’s reward was turned around.

I also see that it’s not about the money. It’s about who is in control.

From the beginning of Jesus saying this to me, I’ve known things were going to get worse and then suddenly be changed.

It was prophesied that Israel would become a nation in a day. Everyone scoffed at the idea of it. Especially the enemies of the people of God. Then it happened! And in one day a nation was born. The table was turned.

God is about to move! The enemy won’t even see Him coming or know what happened till it’s done. Blessings!


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