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PROPHETIC WORD August 15, 2021

I have a number of things that I am working on, says the Lord. Death will be arrested. Death will be arrested, says the Lord. Death will be arrested. And there will be a summons going out says the Lord. And there will be arrests, says the Lord. For My prophets have spoken and are still speaking and as they speak, the arrests have already begun. For the demonic strongholds have been torn down and there has been arrests in the spirit. There has been a halting of what the enemy wanted to do and has tried to do and has not succeeded. There has been a halting in the spirit realm.

And I say to you this day that, that which is done in the Spirit will manifest in the natural. I am arresting, and there will be arrests and death stops. For just as I, tell the ocean how far to go up to the shore. Just as I, tell the wind how hard to blow. Just as I, take command over the sea. I draw a line and say no more, no more. Death has been halted and it has been defeated. And there is a dark kingdom that was trying to build. That has been torn down. And it will crumble and crash for it had no foundation. No foundation but fear and confusion. And it is crumbling, even as I speak, says the Lord. That which is happening in the Spirit will manifest in the natural. Thank You Lord.

The Lord also says to you today, there is no shortage of oil. And everything that is hidden is going to be revealed. The oil I will produce, and I will make plain the pathway for the oil to flow. The Lord says I control the oil. I’ve always controlled the oil. Spiritually, to manifest in the natural. And I will put the oil in the governor of oils hands. I’ve never heard that before. He is putting a governor, a governor. Yes Lord, thank You. I was asking Him, “What is that?” He’s putting a very powerful government, angelic, Kingdom of God regimen. I am giving it to you exactly the way I’m hearing it. Around the oil. And the Lord says watch and see for there will be a regulating of the oil that will be righteous. I am talking about in the natural and it will transcend into the spirit realm. God is going to regulate the anointing oil. The anointing oil. And also, I see it in our, in our government and in our world, about the fight for control over the oil.

There is a fight, and the Lord says, don’t worry because I see it. He is putting like a garrison, a gatekeeping government around the oil in the natural and we will see it. We will see it and it will be because, it will be God’s people that will control it. The righteous will control the oil in the earth. And He says I am setting it up. Watch and see. Because the enemy wants to control the oil. And He is going to arrest and stop that control. And righteousness will control the oil. Righteousness will control the oil. Hallelujah. The Holy Spirit says, and the whole earth will rejoice. The whole earth will rejoice when they see the righteous. When they see the government over the oil that is righteous. The whole earth will rejoice for righteousness will prevail. Righteousness will prevail. Thank You Lord. The Lord says watch and see what I say today that it is key, it is key for what I’m doing in the last days. And in these last days you will see things manifest in the natural that have been done in the kingdom of my government, says the Lord. Watch and see. For it will manifest and it will evolve very soon, says the Lord. Thank You Lord. Death has been arrested. Thank You Lord.


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