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PROPHETIC WORD August 21, 2022

I was meditating on a Word that the Lord gave me. And He brought it back to my remembrance. And it was, I don’t know, a couple of months ago. About the roar of the lion. And the Lord brought just this little part of it. I was going to pull it up and look at it. I heard a prophet say this week. He said that the lion was on its way. And you could hear Him running. He’s not walking. He’s running. And the whole thing that happened at Mar-a-Lago last week. He says its triggered. It’s triggered the running of the lion. And I meditated on that, and I took it to the Lord. And immediately the Lord showed me. He said, He said, “Look.” And I didn’t see like a lion running through like a jungle. I saw, He was running, and He was running up almost like a rock cliff. It was like stones and big boulders. And He was going higher and higher and higher and higher. And He was almost to the top. And I was like, okay. And this is what the Lord said. He said, “He’s coming to the top.” When He gets to the top, He’s getting ready to roar. And He said, “And all of the creatures that hear the roar will run.” He said, “And the donkey and the elephant will melt in their tracks. They’ll turn to run, and they’ll just melt in their tracks. The elephant and the donkey. Both of them. They’re both about to just melt.” He said, “No, no, they don’t have the strength to take one step. They have no strength. They have no energy. They have no strength. They have nothing. They can’t even move.” He said, “And they’ll be so scared, their legs will fall for lack of strength.” The roar of the lion. The defender. Coming to defend. And taking His rightful place. I saw Him climbing up, like, bounding. Climbing up these big boulders. And He’s almost to the top. And He’s going to let go a roar. Sometimes I hear distinctly. That roar is, “Do not touch mine. Do not touch mine. And that speaks of My people, My Israel, and My beloved bride, Christians.” And let me tell you something, it also means. Yes Lord. The Holy Spirit just reminded me. It also means this is My country. This is My country. This is My America, and I will defend it. And then the Lord spoke to me, and He said, “The whole world needs, needs.” The Lord said, “needs the roar of the lion over this land. Because as this America goes. So goes the world.” And it is time. We’re talking. It’s coming up time. So, we listen. It won’t be hard. Oh, I guarantee you. No, you don’t have to be a prophet to hear what’s going to happen. The Defense is coming. The great Defender. The great Defender is about to roar.

This nation was founded. Yes Lord. It was founded on men that gathered together on their knees. Before they could come together and figure out the republic. Before they could figure out the system. Before, they saw all the things that God had laid on their heart. They didn’t know how to put it together. Before they could write the Declaration of Independence. Before they could put pen to the paper. They couldn’t figure out how to put it together. They knew the elements and they knew the pieces. Hear me because this is how the Lord is speaking. They knew the pieces. They knew what they wanted, and they knew the end result that needed to be. Because God had given them the picture of what this Republic looked like. And they even knew the tools. They knew what it was supposed to sound like, but they didn’t know how to bring it together. With this man’s idea and that man’s opinion. And this man’s plan. And this man’s agenda. And they’re very learned men. They were very learned men. Not because of great schooling. But because they had walked in the wisdom of God up to this point in their own lives. So, they knew how to go to God and get wisdom about serious things. And each one of their lives proved out that they knew, they knew, how to come to God and get an answer. And these men came together, and they knew that they were called to something that God was forming. But they knew that it was bigger than one man and they knew that they could not do it without Him. And so, after much discussion. Much discussion. We had Madison speaking and then we had Jefferson speaking. And then you would have another one speaking. Finally at the end. I believe it was Ben Franklin. That said, “Men.” I think he was the older of all of them. He was very old. Back then, you know, you didn’t live as long. He was considered elderly. A statesman. He said, “Gentlemen, we can’t do this alone. We can’t do this without God. All of your ideas and all of your eloquent speech and all of your opinions and everything that you’re thinking are not wrong. But to do this and to put this together we’ve got to go to God.” And he called the pastors. He called the pastors in the area to come and pray. And they gathered around, and they all prayed together. And out of that time of prayer emerged the divine wisdom and plan of God. And now listen to me, I’ve not heard anyone else say this. But as I was meditating on what I was hearing. This is what the Lord spoke to me. He said, “What was penned was not man’s words, they were Mine.” They prophetically interpreted and scribed what God said. But they all sought God and they were of one heart and one mind and one purpose. And they heard Him, and they wrote it down. And that is why we have what we have in our Declaration of Independence is because the prophetic Word, the God spoken, and God breathed Word was penned. And that is what we base this country on. This was not a good idea. This was not a man idea. This was not a project of a test to see how it worked. This was an unknow entity. At the time it was conceived, it was an unknow. How could this work. But they scribed. Wrote down. This is what the Lord showed me. They scribed and wrote down what God said and then they built on His Word what they saw those words to mean. And that is why that we are a lighthouse for the nations. Because we are not just built on the concept of what God wanted. We’re built on His Words of what He said. And they will stand because He will watch over His Word to preform it. He will see to it that His Word stands when everything else crumbles. And every person’s agenda and every lie of the enemy. And every other kind of concept will fall to the ground. His Words will stand. We’re built on a strong foundation of the Words of God. And make no mistake about it. He takes His Word so seriously. Listen to what I’m saying. There’s a reason why those men signed the Declaration. Well, why did they have to sign it? Because they had to put their…. When you signed something, it meant all in. In other words, it was a swearing in. It was a, so help me God. They were dedicating their life to that document and the process by which it would take to see it come to pass. And God says that He, and David says that God prophetically spoke through him in Psalms. I think it’s Psalm 138. The 130’s there. It says He holds His Word above, what, His Name. Now that doesn’t mean that His Word is more powerful. What does it mean? It means the same thing. He wrote His Words and then He signed it below with His name. Why? Because everything about Him, everything He is, He puts to uphold that Word, the same way. So, all of heaven and everything that He is, Almighty God, King of kings, Lord of lords, Master of the universe signed His Words. That’s, that is what this country is based on. That is what God said was for this place, that we call home, would be. So, we can rest. Where do we rest? In His Word. Because He said. And because He does the work to uphold His Word. The written Word, this Holy Bible, is written down and the prophetic Word. Because if you hear a prophetic Word, what should you do to honor it? Write it down. So, we honor it and then He upholds it. Because He said. And it’s written down. And we have the actual document. Just like we have this document. We have the document. It’s not guess-work and it’s not a fable and it’s not just a good story to tell our grandchildren. It’s the Word of God. And God’s Words. Listen to me. God’s Words are Holy. The enemy can’t stop them. He can’t touch them. They’re a mighty force. They’re a mighty force because they’re hope. He tries to twist them. He tries to make them null and void. But nothing, nothing can bring His Word to naught, scripture says. Nothing, nothing can ever call His Words null and void. That if God said it, He signed it and that’s it. We have a choice. But that Word will always stand. It will always stand. It will stand against every lie of the enemy and every plan of the enemy. It will stand. Now how it comes about. When it comes about. How it comes about. Or even what the Word actually means, we have to watch God for that. Unless He gives Divine interpretation. But we have seen manifested out of that document, a country that is, that is a shining light. And it has been proven out. It has been proven out that we are a voice to the world of salvation, of provision for other countries. I mean, we’re the only country that I know of that goes and wins a war by destroying the enemy’s plans and then helps them rebuild when it’s all over. Because the enemy is a force. It is not a building. So, I want to encourage you that there is a lot of stuff the enemy is throwing against the wall to see if it will stick right now. And it isn’t going to stick. It is not going to stick. Because there is no foundation to it. It’s all lies of the enemy. So, I want to encourage you, don’t fill you mind and your thoughts, and your emotions, and your outlook on how loud that fake lion’s roar. He’s as a lion. See he tries to pretend he’s a lion. He says that he’s as a lion. In other words, he tries to pretend to be the lion. He tries to sound like a lion and he’s not. You hear a roar and go, “Was that a lion?” No that was a jackal. No, no that was a loud thunder. No, that was not at all the Lion of the tribe of Judah. That was the fake guy. That was the counterfeit that wanted to be like Jesus. And the one that was thrown out of heaven. He’s fallen and he’s still trying to act like he’s somebody. You see. He’s trying to act like he can copy the great I Am, and he can’t do it.


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