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PROPHETIC WORD June 12, 2022

I hear the Lord say, “I am circling. I am circling. I encamp round about you. I hold you. You are mine. I wrap a robe around you. I put a crown on your head. And I call you mine says the Lord. Nothing shall overtake you. Nothing shall overwhelm you. I will not let you fall. I will not let you go down. I hold you up with My right hand. My hand of favor. My hand of blessing. And My hand that is strong. When you come through the waters. When you come through this part. You will look back and see where I have sustained you. You will see My hand through it all. You will see the thread of My Word weaving through it all. And you will rejoice. You will shout out loud. Look what My God has done. So, stay steady, for I encircle you. I encamp round about you. I preserve you in the tempest and in the tossing. I will preserve you for My name’s sake,” says the Lord of Hosts. “For My glory. So do not be downcast and do not be sorrowful. Put a smile on your face and raise your chin. And stand. Eyes forward. Feet strong. Stand. Like you know who you are. I crown you with loving kindness and favor. Strength. I do all things well. I do all things well says the Lord. Watch. You will see I do all things well. And I do things above, higher than the physical eyes can see. I transcend and I ascend. My will and My word. And I call up My people. Calling them higher. Calling them higher. Calling them higher. And I stir up My people to remind them who they are and who I made. So, give Me your praise. Give Me your worship says the Lord. For it brings forth My throne and My presence. And draws you near to Me. Draws you nearer and closer. Causes you to know Me. Like you are known by Me. I give you, My robe. I give you, My crown. Stand. I’m right here,” says the Lord. Lord, we worship You. Lord, we worship You. We give You praise. We give You praise. We draw near. We give You praise. Hallelujah. Thank You Lord. Praise the Lord.


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