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PROPHETIC WORD June 26, 2022

During worship I heard the Lord say, “It’s going to get real dusty and it’s going to look like a dust storm. It’s going to look like a dust storm. And it’s going to be fierce.” But I heard the Lord tell me that, “There is rain coming. And if you’ll keep your eyes on Me, you’ll see that there’s the size of a man’s hand. It’s going to begin to rain. And wash away all the dust. And you will be able to see,” says the Lord, “that I was there the whole time. That My Word that I gave quite a long time ago was true and is true. And it will come to pass just as I’ve said. But I have to let the enemy play out for all the world to see. But just like you have seen, I always get My way,” says the Lord. “I get My way in the end. For the people need to know the difference. And they need to know what light looks like when all they know is darkness. So, take courage and in your courage, there will be strength and safety and peace. For I have already overcome. And I will continue to triumph in My way. And in the end, people will say glory to God in the highest.” Glory to God. Glory to God. So, the Lord says, “My people start giving Me glory now. For you’ll be way ahead, and you will call forth My ways. You will call forth My presence. Keep looking ahead. Don’t look at what is right now. Keep looking ahead at the end result. For I will appear in all My glory. I will come in all My glory.” Thank You Lord.

I hear the Holy Spirit say. The ship is turning. The ship is turning. The ship is turning. But there are storms to come. But we will ride above together says the Holy Spirit. We will ride above the storm. We will ride and we will use the storm, the waves to go higher, not be overcome. Not be overcome. Not be overcome. Take joy. Take joy. For we’re about to see the hand of the Lord like we’ve never seen, His strong arm before. Says the Lord. Holy Spirit is speaking in synchrony. Hallelujah. Yes.

Reminded of the word that the Lord gave on Easter morning. About holding on. And that we’re going to take a right turn, but it was going to get bumpy and was going to get real intense. And it was going to rumble, and it was going to be hard, but you hold on and just let the Word of God. Let the Word of God take you. Because He said and He will do what He said. He said and He will do what He said. So, you hold on to that. Hold fast to our confession. Hold fast to Hebrews 10. Hold fast, don’t shrink back in fear. Hold on. Hold on. It’s a sharp turn and it’s a bumpy ride but hold on. Hold on. Because we haven’t stopped and we’re going in the right direction. And we’re going in the right vehicle. And it is going to keep taking us exactly where we need to be. And we will see the glory of the Lord. Hallelujah.


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