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PROPHETIC WORD October 3, 2021

Have you not known, and do you not know now, I am Your God? I am Your Lord. I have not refused you. I have not turned a deaf ear and My arm is not short. I am the Lord God Almighty and I am working on your behalf. Do not look at what you might see in the natural. Do not look at what is dancing before you. For I have My dance. I have My steps. I have My tempo and I will not be forced. And I will not be coerced. I hear with My ears, and I hear with My heart says the Lord. You say, come quickly, Lord, come quickly. I am here and I know what I am doing. Open your eyes and open your ears. I am here. All will be revealed. All. All will be revealed in a very short time. All will be revealed, and My dance will be known. My dance and My song will be heard. Across My people and across this land. For the Lord stands with you and for you. Mighty is your God. Mighty is your God to save. And mighty is your God to lead in the dance. Do not try to speculate. Do not try to put Me in a box. Do not, try to second guess Me of what I will do. For all is about to be revealed. Though for a moment it will seem like I do not know or have not heard, but I am your God. I am the Lord. Take courage says the Lord. Take hope, take a hold of My hand and you will dance with Me. To my song. I do not dance to the drum of what man says. I do not dance to the timing of what man says. I am the orchestrator. I am the conductor. And My song will be heard says the Lord. So, sing along with Me. Get in step with Me. Get in cadence with My steps and you will find your joy. You will find your peace and you will find your purpose. In this hour, right now, hearken your ear. Hearken. Bend your ear. Tune it closely. Tune it closely to what I say and to hear My song, says the Lord. Tune it closely. Draw near. Come close. I do not have to come quickly. I am here. Never fear. Do not fear at all. I am right here, says the Lord. Says the Lord. I come in My power, and I come in love. For my love is intense like heat. I come and override. Override. Remember that word. Override, the enemy’s plans. I ride higher. I ride more effectively in every step. I override what the enemy has in his plans. The Lord says, Let Me remind you when all of this started happening. I gave My prophet a Word. Yes, I gave her two. That yes, the enemy has a plan, but I also have a plan. And the other Word, if you will remember, says the Lord, was I Am the God of shock and awe. And I will not be, I will not be out done. Nothing can outshine Me. Nothing the enemy does can outshine My Glory. Take heed and listen and follow and know My voice and hear My song and come in line with Me says the Lord. I will lead. I will lead. I will lead and I will choose the leader. I’ve not changed My mind. I know who follows Me. I know who follows Me. I call to those who are wandering. I call out to those who are looking. My church, arise. My church be My light. My church, be strengthened and arise. For it is time. It is time. This is the hour. My Glory will shine. My Glory will go forth and it will draw men out of darkness. It will draw men unto Me. Watch and see. Watch and hear. I’m right here. I’m right here. I am right here, says the Lord. Thank You Lord.


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