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PROPHETIC WORD September 5, 2021

Part 1 - After Worship

I hear the Lord say, this land needs healing. I am bringing healing. Healing to the hurting. Healing to the sick. Healing oil to the oppressed. This morning when I was praying, I heard the Lord say, the anointing breaks the yoke. The anointing breaks the yoke. And I heard the Lord say this morning. I’m bringing a David anointing. The anointing oil, the conquering oppression oil. That destroys the yoke. Doesn’t just break it. There is a spirit of David that’s arising. There is a spirit of David arising of worship, of praise, of jubilant praise and absolute, wholehearted worship. And it will break the yoke of oppression across this land. It will break the yoke of fear in My people and those that are looking to My people alike, says the Lord. So, rise up. Rise up, My precious people and worship Me and rejoice like David. For the presence of God is upon you, says the Lord. You have Me. You have Me. You are the ark of the covenant, and you are in the midst of the trouble. The Lord would have you know this day, that as you rise up. As you rise up, I AM rising up. Thank You Lord. He’s also, the Lord showed me, He is healing today. He is also releasing angels with healing assignments to go into the places where there is not availability for people to go in and pray. We can send angels. We can send them. Oh, my people, the Lord says, don’t you know you can do this. We send the word of healing. We pray and we declare, and we send the word and when the angels that hold healing, they can go because you have released them with the Word of God. Healing, healing, healing. Healings. I hear healing for the troubled heart. Healing for the wounded soul. Healing deep within. This country will experience the healing power of God. For where sin does abound, grace does more abound. So, declare it My people, declare it. Stand and declare My Word.

Part 2 – During Sermon

I crown you says the Lord. I crown you with My dominion for My realm says the Lord. I crown you. For you are princes and princesses. You rule and reign. I created you, you are born of Me says the Lord and you are to rule and reign. You are to stand tall and speak My Word and do wonder-working miracles. For you belong to Me says the Lord and the spirit realm is not a place of fear. It is a place of dominion and authority and order, and it is up to you to establish My order in your place that I have placed you. In your realm and what I have put in you is much stronger than anything that the dark realm has. For you have more light in you to disperse darkness and to break up the enemy’s power than what you realize. I crown you and I bestow on you that which has already been given to you. I now ordain you in it to do the works in My Spirit and do the works of My heart. And there will be great power in this day. And there will be great exhibits and expressions of My power if you will wear your crown and you will open your mouth and be who you are made to be for Me says the Lord.

For in this day and in this hour, I have anointed each one. Learn how to walk. Learn how to talk. Learn how to operate in My power. For you will see the enemy crumbled under your feet. You will have eyes to see. I will show you. Marvel not. Do not be astonished at this. For from the ages before and the ages to come, this is who I have created you to be. And this is how you take victory. This is how you proclaim Me in this hour. For the world is looking for power. The world is looking for My power and it resides in you says the Lord. So, wear your crown. Wear your crown and speak My words and do what I tell you and what I show you and your eyes will open to what I have for you. Draw close to the ones that are ahead of you in these things. Draw close and incline your ear to the training that you need, and you will be amazed at how the enemy trembles. How the enemy flees. It is the day of equipping. It is the day of crowning. It is the day to walk upright. And see My wonder-working power in your midst says the Lord, says the Lord.


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